12 Pilates exercises at home from TikTok to follow on a quick workout routine

Setting aside some time either every day or all week to exercise is always a good idea. However, getting to a gym or class may be difficult or doesn’t fit into your budget at the moment. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to exercise at home for free. You just need some Pilates at home TikToks to catch up on your workout routine.


TikTok really does have something for everyone. If you’re looking for some viral recipes to try at home or need a good LOL, you know your FYP is full of tutorials and memes. It’s also a great place to do a Pilates workout at home. You just need to find a routine that works for you. If you’re a beginner or a Pilates pro looking to target specific areas of your body, TikTok has it all. There are also Pilates at Home TikToks perfect for exercising outdoors in the summer or first thing in the morning when you need to get up but only have 15 minutes.


If you want to get creative, you can even put together your own unique Pilates Tic-Tox routine at home. The first step is to browse these Pilates TikToks at home to find the routines and Pilates moves you want to follow. Then it’s time to start moving.


20-minute full-body routine

If you’re looking to work out your whole body but only have 20 minutes, this is the quick TikTok Pilates routine for you. TikTokerkatiepierce_fit takes you through 15 Pilates moves you can do to engage every area of ​​your body. This routine includes crunches, leg extensions, and even push-ups.


Simple pilates routine at home

For something simple to start with, try TikToker Madi’s Pilates at-home workout (@luvmadeleine). This quick routine only includes leg lifts off the floor and into a plank position plus some squats. Madi actually has quite a few at-home Pilates TikToks for you to scroll through to find the one that best suits your needs.


A starter routine for a two-week Pilates challenge

Get on the mats for this at-home Pilates routine from TikToker Brianna Joye Kohn (@briannajoye_fitness). This is actually the first day of Kohn’s two-week Pilates Challenge, which means it’s great for beginners. The routine includes leg extension extensions, finger taps, and side plank reach.


Pilates routine at home for your waist

If you want to focus on that “snapped waist,” this routine from TikTokerkatybath does exactly that. Beginner-friendly TikTok Pilates includes a variety of exercises that are supposed to target your waist. While it’s easy enough for beginners, it will still provide a good workout for anyone who is advanced as well.


A fun outdoor Pilates routine

For this simple at-home Pilates routine, you need to work your legs with plenty of leg and butt lift. TikTokerluvmadeleine also performs this workout routine outside on their deck. So, since it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to take your mat out in the backyard for an outdoor Pilates workout.


Full body beginner pilates routine

If you’re a beginner who doesn’t have a specific area to work on, a full-body Pilates routine might be what you want to try first. In this Pilates workout at home, TikTokerpilatesbyodgerel shows you six exercises you can do to get a full-body burn. For a complete workout, be sure to repeat each exercise three times as well.


A home pilates workout for your legs

If you just need an idea for a new Pilates move to add to your already working out routine, TikToker @coachleah22 suggests this leg raise move. You’ll want to do the exercise 20 times with four repetitions for each side. After the last set, you’ll really start to feel the burn.


Pilates workout at home for your arms and legs

This simple at-home Pilates routine from TikTokerluvmadeleine covers your arms and legs. While it may sound easy enough, Madi admits in the caption that the last step in this routine is “always the hardest.” This means that you will not get bored after this home workout.


Pilates mini ball

You can get creative with your Pilates workout at home with a small exercise ball. These at-home Pilates exercises from TikTokeralexapilates can energize your routine at home. Besides a small exercise ball, you’ll also want to have a good mat because all of these exercises are done on the floor.


Lightweight Pilates Arm Workout

You might think that exercising your arms without weights doesn’t do much, but TikTokerblogilates shows that’s not the case at all. In fact, this at-home Pilates workout covers five lightweight arm exercises you can do that will really work your arm muscles. Each exercise only takes a minute to do, so you can do an entire Pilates workout at home in five minutes. You can even do it while waiting for your morning toast and coffee.


Standing leg pilates routine

If you don’t feel like getting down on your mat, a standing Pilates exercise routine is a great alternative. This routine from TikTokeramandablauerpilates only includes exercises done while standing. You can even do this routine at home in your own backyard on the lawn without a mat.


10-minute full-body routine

Do you only have 10 minutes? Well, try this quick and easy full body flow routine from TikTokerjujusheikhh. This at-home Pilates workout is a really perfect routine for beginners, because @jujusheikhh gives tips along the way for getting the best workout with every move. This routine also includes exercises like reverse lunges, clamshells, and toe taps, which are all signature Pilates moves.

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