5 easy cardio exercises you can do while watching TV

It’s the season to lounge around in your favorite pajamas and do some easy aerobic exercise while streaming your favorite flicks. With the frigid temperatures and icy conditions outside, you’d rather skip the gym, save some gas money, and get a little sweat session at home. We totally get it, which is why we spoke with an expert who shares five of the best recommended easy cardio exercises you can do while watching TV.


You can seamlessly work these moves into your post-work and weekend routine. Plus, according to the Cleveland Clinic, doing some cardio can boost joint, skin, and brain health. Benefits of this healthy form of fitness include reducing your risk of having a stroke or developing Alzheimer’s disease, clearing your skin, enhancing blood sugar control, aiding digestion, and supporting your weight loss efforts.


Victoria Brady, an ACE-certified personal trainer on Fyt—the nation’s largest personal training service that makes expert-guided fitness, whether in-person or virtual, convenient for everyone—says that easy at-home cardio workouts are also great time savers and help you work out within your fitness level. your convenience. She explains, “You can kill two birds with one stone. This also allows you to be more consistent as starting your workout will be less daunting.” In addition, if you are a beginner, you may feel uncomfortable exercising in the gym. “Working from home allows you to have a safe space to exercise without thinking about who’s looking at you,” Brady adds.

Now, let’s get into five easy cardio exercises that you can do from the comfort of your home while watching TV. And then, don’t miss these 5 Simple Home Workouts to Stay in Top Shape.


These easy cardio exercises start with walking in place, which is super simple! You’ll start by standing up straight with your shoulders back and hips slightly forward, Brady explains, to make sure your lower back doesn’t flex. Then raise and lower your right leg, followed by doing the same with your right leg. This counts as 1 rep. Walk in place for at least 20 minutes. (You can also take out a treadmill pad, if you have one, to walk on while you’re on TV!)

A man jogging in place at home, doing easy cardio while watching TV

After that, it’s time to jog or run in place. Stand upright and bend at the elbows. Begin to “run” by bringing your right foot forward and landing it between the middle of your foot and your heel. Swing your arms as if you were running or jogging while switching positions with your left foot. This is considered one full rep. Do at least 20 minutes of jogging/running in place.

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woman trampoline rebounder workout

The next workout requires a mini trampoline, which might be your new favorite form of at-home cardio fitness. Put yourself on the rebuilder, and start bouncing back. Make it fun while watching TV by seeing how high you can jump/bounce or get creative by doing jumping jacks or front kicks while working out. There are also plenty of YouTube videos if you want to watch an exercise video while working out. “. Perform bouncing for at least 20 minutes.

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Illustration of the pop-up steps

You will need a step or step ladder or a solid platform to do this exercise. Some of the basic moves you can do are:

Basic steps: Place your right foot on the platform to begin your step. Follow this up by bringing your left foot onto the platform, then step down with your right and then your left foot. Complete this sequence by doing 10 to 15 repetitions on your right side before doing the same on your left side. Do at least 20 minutes of basic steps.

Turn-by-step moves: For this exercise, you’ll start by standing sideways—aka having the side of your body perpendicular—on the step or platform, and then step up with your right foot. Turn your body as you place your left foot on the stairs, and step down with your right foot. Then lower your left foot. Do at least 20 minutes of inversion steps.

Woman dancing at home workout to burn calories without exercise

Last but not least, dance it! “There is no need for instructions for this dance as the dance can be interpreted any way you see fit. Start jumping and jiggle to make it fun and energetic while you burn a lot of calories,” says Brady. Do at least 20 minutes of dancing.

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