5 tips, and recipes, for adding more “superfoods” to your diet

If ever there was a time to work out, it’s after a month of butter and alcohol consumption is over. There are no holidays or holidays anymore. It’s time to replace your liver.


Now is when people rush into healthy changes with enthusiasm it can be dangerous. Spin classes are filled with people who seem unsure if they want to be there. The sidewalks are choked with runners in new, squeaky-clean shoes that are sure to blister.


I double my vegetable intake this time of year. It’s not a hard change, as I’ve been trying to eat well since my “health food store” days. As a teenager, I was one of those insufferable vegans who stared at people just trying to eat a hot dog in peace. I’m a more gentle guide now. I’m at home eating a hot dog and I’m chomping on my salad. It’s all about balance. And the balance feels great after months of overindulgence.

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