Maintaining a healthy lifestyle on a budget

Many people think that living a healthy lifestyle is expensive. And if you think good health comes in the form of premade salads, expensive supplements, and gym memberships, you might be right. But following a balanced, natural lifestyle based on exercise, whole foods, and simplicity is surprisingly affordable. In fact, there are countless ways to … Read more

Dumbbell set 20 kg: the best picks

Simple dumbbells are the fitness accessory to choose when you can only own one for the rest of your life. With a dumbbell set, you can do almost any strengthening exercise and almost any exercise program, and even the largest dumbbells can fit in the corner of a room. This 20kg dumbbell set can increase … Read more

Fitness trainer Gaurav Mauli reveals the perfect at-home workout to look slimmer and fitter

Lean Body Home Workout is perfect for busy professionals Gaurav Mauli – The ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist has always been a fitness enthusiast and strives to become the best version of himself. Gaurav started his journey in the year 2012 to gain confidence. His intense focus and fortitude helped him enhance … Read more