A home chest and back workout for Christmas that actually works

Home workouts tend to get a bad rap in fitness circles, especially among those who are committed to goals that are a bit higher than just “keeping fit.” The common belief is that body weight exercises and core gymnastic exercises may be beneficial for perspiration; But unless you have some serious weights available at home – you probably won’t move the needle in your muscle building goals very often.


We can confirm that this is fake news.


Even if you’re not the proud owner of a fully equipped home gym, you can still be the recipient of a wicked pump; One that will seriously dent your ambitions for strength and size. All you need are some basic home furnishings, plus the celebratory fervor and no-nonsense execution of Macaulay Culkin as he takes down the home invaders.

Using the backs of two dining room chairs, chests, or two parallel work surfaces and a sturdy broomstick or equivalent, pull together an emergency pushup station and master the next upper-body ladder that promises to deliver some serious muscle soreness to your chest, back, and arms.

Climb the earnings ladder

You’ll work in a “ladder” formation, working from 10 reps of each exercise, all the way up to 1, alternating the circuit pattern as you go. Staircases are an incredibly effective way to order a Much Build muscle volume in a small amount of time – working back and forth between “pushing” movements and their opposites “pulling”, you give each muscle group Just enough time to recover, while you continue to chop; Keep your heart rate (and thus your calorie burn) through the roof. Meanwhile, the descending reps lower the intensity just enough to keep you working at the edge of your capabilities.

But don’t feel comfortable. Fewer repetitions per move means each circuit gets a little shorter, and so does the “rest” for each body part, essentially creating a muscle-burning spiral, and you finish in four of the hardest single repetitions of your life. That is – if you perform it right, and on that note…

Smooth slow, smooth Quickly Difficult

The usual criticism of bodyweight moves like dips and push-ups is that they are Just too easy, and when compared to heavyweights and loaded heavyweights – that’s a fair comment. So, to maximize muscle building in this exercise, we’re going to have to make each rep as hard as possible. This means: good form, full reps and most importantly take it slow. We want to maximize the ‘tension time’ for each muscle, and move through each rep under as much control as possible, over 4-5 seconds. Remember – this is not the case many the reps we perform to build muscle; it’s a How do We perform these actors.

So, lower yourself into each dip for 3-4 seconds, before exploding again. Hold your chest against the bar for as long as you can with these pulling motions, squeezing your back muscles hard the whole time; Otherwise, contract and pump every muscle you can while moving slowly through each exercise, utilizing every inch of every rep.

if you wanted to Get To get the most out of this exercise, you’ll need to Manufacture Get the most out of this exercise.

Anytime you feel like these reps are getting sloppy, you tend to throw in some “body English” to help you back up, or you just find yourself wallowing on the floor at every “eccentric” part or low-stop. The goal here is not to finish all 220 reps of this exercise as quickly as possible, but to finish it that way. Effective way as possible.

When the quality drops: Pause, stand tall, take a sip of water and take five to ten deep breaths—reset, recover and refuel those muscles, before jumping right back into the fray.

Oh, and in other news, we can confirm that pasties do indeed fuel muscle contractions, if that helps.

1. Dips x 10-1

Grab yourself a pair of dining room chairs, or two boxes and put your hands on both of them, lift your feet off the floor and your arms locked straight, supporting your body weight (a). Bend at the elbows, and slowly lower yourself until your elbows are at right angles, ensuring they don’t flare outward (B). Drive yourself up and repeat.

2. Inverted rows X 10-1

Place a pole, broomstick, or stake on your chairs or chests and hang at the bottom with straight arms, a wide grip, and a narrow waistline. (a)bend your elbows and pull yourself up to the bar, pause here for a second (B) Before you lower yourself under control back into a full hold, repeat.

3. High leg press x 1-10

Kick both feet up on your bench, creating a strong plank position with your hands flat on the floor, shoulder width apart (a). Slowly lower your chest to the floor (B) Before explosively pressing the lock.

4. Leg-assisted chin-ups x 10-1

Jump back into an inverted row position and walk your feet back until your torso is almost erect, palms facing you. (a) Keeping your knees bent and your chin pulled over the bar, firmly squeezing your biceps at the top (B) before the reduction.

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