A total body strengthening workout plan that you can do at home

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It’s time for some major congrats: You’ve done the work, learned how to effectively challenge your body (and mind!), and made it to the final week of the ReNew Year Movement.


But this is far from the end. Use the skills you’ve gained over the course of this month as a springboard to jumpstart and grow even more. Where did you see the gains? What parts of the exercises did you like? Build on those this week, next week – and for many weeks to come.

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Day 22: Do this strength and coordination exercise

This is the final new workout of the month, and it’s a challenging workout. Get ready to work on your coordination and upper body strength. and core strength. It’s also heavy on lateral (aka side-to-side) movements, something that’s often missing in our workouts. work in this plane It can help us build overall strength to avoid injury, enhance agility, and improve our daily performance.

Video coming soon – check back Monday morning for the full show!

Day 23: Repeat the 8-minute multi-directional full-body exercise

We’re taking it back to day one. Think about where you have gained strength and where you want to continue working. Even when that particular video isn’t part of your weekly routine (although, of course, you’re welcome to watch and follow it as many times as you like), it can give you insights into where you want to grow next. For example, if you enjoyed how reverse lunges strengthened your glutes, you may want to use some of your workouts next month to explore some other lunge variations and continue to build on that momentum.

Day 24: Repeat the full-body short interval exercise

Training at its core is about taking care of the human body. But the beauty is that it can be fun! During today’s workout, find moments of joy and think about the movements that feel really good on your body. Then, the next time you struggle with the motivation to exercise, remember what you enjoyed about exercise and how good movement can feel.

Day 25: Go for a 20-minute outdoor run, walk, bike ride, or hike

Does 20 Minutes sound more doable than it did at the beginning of this month? Take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come, and give yourself a five on how far you’ve come.

Day 26: Repeat the strength exercise for walkers and runners

Yes, this workout was designed with runners and walkers in mind. But this does not mean that there is nothing to gain if you do not fall into one of these two categories. The more time you spend practicing, the more you will see how the movements relate and how many of the exercises can be multipurpose.

Day 27: Practice this 20-minute total-body movement-focused yoga flow

great presence Mobility It means having strength through the full range of motion of your body. As you work on your flexibility, you might do static holds, but this will be more of an energetic sequence to challenge the ranges of your joints under tension. Not only does moving work feel good on the body (especially if you’re creaky and stiff from working on the couch all day), but it can help you be more agile in everyday activities, whether you’re playing with your kids or just playing sports. groceries away.

Day 28: Repeat the strength and coordination exercise

When we talk about improving your quality of life, sticking to a consistent routine over time is by far the most important thing. A little bit of movement each day can have huge benefits not only for your health, but also for your well-being. Use the smart habits you developed this month to carry over throughout the year. You got this!

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