Aaron Rodgers compares himself to golf legend Tiger Woods after asking for $800 million to join LIV Golf


Aaron Rodgers, like many other golf stars around the world, is considering a move to LIV Golf, and he’s looking for $800 million as Tiger Woods was offered.

LIV Golf has recently become a contender on the PGA Tour, and the fight between the two is said to have increased enormously with ever larger sums on the table.


LIV Golf is a golf tour funded by the Public Investment Fund, Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. He has already poached several big names in the golf industry. Champion Brooks Koepka left the PGA Tour for LIV Golf, along with decorated players like Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Reed.

The golf world has been torn apart by these two competing leagues, with players having to choose sides. LIV Golf’s money makes it an attractive destination for many athletes, and so the dispute has become tense.

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Aaron Rodgers wants LIV Golf offer of around $800 million

Aaron Rodgers is a golf fan. When he’s not on the football field, you can find him practicing his golf shots and competing in various games and competitions during the offseason.

The Packers quarterback regularly spends time playing golf during the offseason, participating in various competitions and games to keep up with his hobbies outside of football.

Earlier this year, Rodgers teamed up with Tom Brady to beat Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes in the annual version of Capital One’s Match. He also competed in the ACC championship alongside other big names like Stephen Curry.

Rodgers recently opened up about his plans after retiring from football, and they could include golf. He even mentioned LIV Gofl as a possibility.

“Probably around the number of Tigers, 800 million,” Rodgers said. “So there is a chance. Everyone has a price. Yeah. We all have a price.

You can listen to his appearance on the Podcast, Pardon my grip, here.

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What is LIV Golf?

As mentioned earlier, LIV Golf is a golf league created to rival the PGA. The PGA has barred players from competing in either league and people who have joined LIV Golf have been fined and barred from future PGA events.

LIV Golf’s money gives him immense power over the PGA. The league has $620 billion in assets, paying players huge sums. For example, Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson received signing bonuses of $100 million. Woods was offered $800 million to join, as seen earlier.

The league also tried to make a run on Charles Barkley, trying to poach the Inside the NBA host away from his role on TNT. Along with their assets, people also talked about how they could one day make a run for the NFL too.

The NFL rookie pay scale currently limits the maximum amount of money new players to the league can earn. LIV Golf could do away with this concept altogether. This would solve the problem of introducing problems

The NFL also does not broadcast games Tuesday through Saturday (most weeks). Antitrust laws prevent the NFL from showing games on Fridays and Saturdays.

Therefore, LIV Golf could incentivize the NFL to commit antitrust violations by showing games on those days, pushing the NFL to match them. For now, LIV Golf is just a contender on the PGA Tour, but with the way they’ve taken the field by storm, the NFL could be in their sights in the future.

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