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From top right, clockwise: Steve Young, Paige Spiranac, Larry Fitzgerald and Rob Riggle.

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As a group of golf-loving athletes, actors and other celebrities prepare to compete in the American Championship of the Century at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, curious minds want to know: what is wrong with their Games?

Here is an overview of the (reported) handicap for each player on the pitch for the modified Stableford competition, which runs from Friday to Sunday.

American Championship Celebrity Handicaps of the Century

Josh Allen—10
Marcus Allen—10
Anthony Anderson — 15 years old
Bret Baier — 2.8
Charles Barkley—10

The laughing stock of the golfing world is no longer the laughing stock, Barkley has regained enough form to hold his own in a laugh. But the best part of his game is that he doesn’t take it seriously. Neither do the bookmakers. The odds of Sir Charles winning are 7,500 to 1.

Brian Baumgartner — 9
Jerome Bettis — 8
Jay Bilas — 5
Tim Brown—8
Joe Buck—3
David Carr—4
Vince Carter—9
Alex Caruso—12
Carl Dell — 3
Seth Curry—7
Steph Curry — 0

Fresh off his fourth NBA title, the most famous Curry on the court is looking to close the deal in a tournament where he’s finished 7th, 4th and 9th in his last three tries.

Vinny Del Negre — 1
Jay De Marcus — 13
Dylan Dreyer — 19 years old
Fish Tuesday — 10
Larry Fitzgerald—5.9
Dwight Freeney—8
Tom Glavine — 2
Robert Gould—4.9
Robert Griffin III—10
AJ Falcon — 15
André Iguodala — 5.1
Nick Jonas—5.8

The boy band star puts on his big boy pants for his American Century debut. If his handicap is honest, he’s a better player than these AT&T spots with Jordan Spieth make him believe.

Portrait of Joe Buck in front of the Fox backdrop

Joe Buck Q&A: Legendary broadcaster talks golf on Fox and faces criticism in his own home


GOLF Editors

Colin Jost — 12
Travis Kelce—11
Jon Lester—3.5
Derek Lowe — 0
Kyle Lowry—10
Patrick Mahomes—7.7
Joe Mauer—4
Pat McAfee—14
Brian McCann — 0
Jim McMahon — 9
Kevin Millar — 5
Mike Mizanin — 17 years old

In the ring, the WWE Superstar known as The Miz dispatches his opponents with a devastating move called Skull-Crushing Finale. On the course, the only pain he inflicts on himself is on himself.

Marc Mulder — 0.3
Adam Napier—2
John O’Hurley—9.4
TJ Oshie — 3.9
Jake Owen—2
Carson Palmer—4
Joe Pavelski — 0
Michael Pena — 2.8
Patrick Peterson—5
Alphonse Ribeiro — 2.6
Rice Jerry — 2.9
Rob Riggle—9
Aaron Rodgers—5
Ivan Rodriguez — 4.9
Jimmy Rollin—14
Ray Romano—13
Tony Romo — +1

While Barkley and his pals go deep in the casinos just across the road, Romo should get there early, resting at Lake Lodge in Edgewood to prepare for a tournament he’s the favorite to win. .

CC Sabathia—16
Jason Scheff—6
Alex Smith—6.5
Emmitt Smith — N/A
Harrison Smith—3.7
John Smoltz — +1
Annika Sorenstam — N/A
Paige Spiranac — 0

In the past, the Instagram star and social influencer has complained that people don’t take her seriously. Obviously, she can seriously play.

Catherine Tappen—18.5
Miles Teller—15
Larry the Wireman — 10
Joe Theismann—5.1
Adam Thielen—2
Brian Urlacher — 5
Chase Utley – 8
Shane Victorino—10
Mike Vrabel—13
Jack Wagner—1
Tim Wakefield—1.5
By Marcus Ware — 10
David Wells—7.7
Jayson Werth—7
Andrew Whitworth—4
Kyle Williams — 0
Charles Woodson—12
Steve Young — 12 years old

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