Best moves to win a match in Matchpoint Tennis Championships


Today we are going to teach you the moves you need to master to win a match in the Matchpoint Tennis Championships. This game is a fun alternative to real tennis. But somehow it’s not very realistic when it comes to difficulty and opponent skill – no matter what your opponent’s stats say.

Matchpoint Tennis Championships


Before we get into the best moves to win a match in Matchpoint Tennis Championships, we need to address the types of strokes you can shoot and when to use them. Tennis, even in virtual form, is largely a game of looking where your opponent is and aiming elsewhere. This counts for the front and back of the field as well as the left and right sides.

Best moves to win a match in Matchpoint Tennis Championships

Essential Shot Modifiers for Matchpoint Tennis Championships

If you want to win a virtual tennis match, play Matchpoint Tennis Championships. If you want to experience the feeling of abysmal failure at the hands of a skilled tennis player, play tennis against Amanda de Santa in GTA V. For now, we’ll tackle the former and show you the best moves in Matchpoint.

Volley shot

Punts depend not only on your opponent’s position on the court, but also on your own. This shot is more effective if you are closer to the net or the service line. A volley shot – like in volleyball – involves hitting the ball so that it travels over the net and towards your opponent. without touching the ground. Basically, it’s the opposite of a groundstroke.

You can also use a volley shot if your opponent is close to the net and you prefer the ball to reach the end of their side of the court before them. Who said there was no running in digital tennis?

Matchpoint Tennis Championships


A drop shot is where you hit the ball in such a way that the ball moves smoothly through the air and over the net, but at a speed that decreases the trajectory of the ball so that it touches the ground just beyond the net on the opponent’s side. This is especially useful if you like to watch your opponent run and they are deep in the field.

The best shots of the Matchpoint Tennis Championships

Matchpoint Tennis Championships


If you’ve ever played a match on a real court, you know the explosive power of topspin. This is probably the move that will end all blows and the most important skill in your arsenal. Even though Matchpoint Tennis Championships isn’t the epitome of virtual tennis in terms of difficulty, you can still exploit the topspin power win a game. The reason topspin is so important is that it allows you to put more power behind your ball and sustain higher quality reps.

Topspin is the exact opposite of the slice, which we will discuss below. In real tennis you have something called the Magnus Effect that comes into play when you use topspin. The Magnus Effect occurs when the air around your ball acts as if it has the physical properties of a viscous or sticky material, the forces of which it exerts on the ball.

You also have the ball rotation – the “spin” itself – which, together with sufficient speed and viscous air, creates a current in the wake of the ball which ejects and propels the ball upwards. The great thing about topspin in Matchpoint Tennis Championships is that you don’t need any real skill to perform it like a pro. All you have to do is mash the right buttons.

With a little practice and a decent controller… uh… a control, you’ll do the virtual effects of top spin work in your favor and fire absolute rockets at your opponent. You can shoot topspin groundstroke or volley with the volley modifier.

Matchpoint Tennis Championships

Flat blow

This is by far one of the easiest shots to serve in matchpoint tennis championships All that flat shot means you return the ball to your opponent at a neutral level.

This means that when you hit the ball in Matchpoint Tennis Championships, you hit it in such a way that it travels through the air at a speed horizontal angle. A flat shot is the best choice if you want your opponent to have as little time as possible to react. It is not an observation and response type of fire.

It’s a brutal cannon shot for an almost certain victory, depending on where you shoot and how quick your opponent’s reflexes are. In the game, you’ll mostly be playing against NPCs, unless you enjoy the underrated multiplayer gameplay component. NPCs should be fairly easy to stun with a flat shot.

There isn’t really any complex physics behind a flat shot. Essentially the ball comes towards you and you smash it back your opponent with the much greater speed that a flat shot provides.

Matchpoint Tennis Championships

Slice shot

It’s a fairly simple shot to grab and, as we surmised earlier, the opposite of topspin. With this shot, your objective is to send the ball towards your opponent with a dose of sidepin that is difficult to respond. That’s right, instead of the slimy air created by your delivery angle resulting in a ball spinning up, your ball will turn aside.

The way it works in real tennis is that your racquet grazes the side of the ball instead of hitting it head on. This causes the direction of ball rotation to move, as well as changing how the ball will bounce unless skillfully volleyed.

Matchpoint Tennis Championships

The Matchpoint Lob

Remember that move we talked about at the start, where you try to get your ball to beat your opponent all the way to the end of the court? That’s it. Essentially your goal with a lob shot is that the ball literally goes over your opponent’s head. Ironic terminology, given how easy this plan is to make.

The lob shot can be a bit problematic, however; if you hit the ball with too little speed and it doesn’t “lob” the way it’s supposed to, you boost your opponent’s confidence and give them a really easy shot.

Confidence is obviously not an issue when facing an NPC. I believe they are dead inside. Fun Fact: Being frightened or made uncomfortable by NPCs who don’t react the way humans do is called the Uncanny Valley Effect.

Matchpoint Tennis Championships