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Compact, all-in-one exercise mirrors are transforming home gyms

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Since the pandemic, home gym sales have skyrocketed. In fact, for a short time, it was probably easier to find a Playstation 5 than a dumbbell set or squat rack. But as much as we advocate for the classic home gym, built around an exercise bike, treadmill or squat rack, we have to admit one big downside: It takes up way too much space.


If you’re lucky enough to own a garage (and a significant other can be persuaded to let you convert it), you can change up the traditional iron-and-board setup, but if you’re short on space, you need to get creative. Fortunately, that’s exactly what some of the most innovative and cutting-edge companies have done of late, and the result is transforming home – and especially apartment – gyms: the Workout Mirror.

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Using simple designs, sleek engineering, and built-in resistance, these workout mirrors connect to the internet to bring you guided workouts that can target every muscle group in your body, or lead you through a lung-scorching cardio session.

Don’t believe us? Check out these five leading training mirrors and prepare to have your mind blown.



Don’t let the sticker shock make you ignore one of the most capable and beautiful workout mirrors on the market. Tonal offers a 24-inch touch screen with 15-watt stereo speakers, making it easy to see and hear exercise instructions, even from a distance, while the adjustable arms provide hundreds Of the possible exercises, upper and lower body, and a total of 200 pounds of tension. Tonal also offers a subscription-based coaching system (required for the first year after purchasing the mirror) that unlocks a huge library of workouts and programs, as well as allowing multiple accounts to be logged into a single mirror, so your partner and kids can each have their own profiles. Through the app, you’ll get fitness ratings, intuitive resistance adjustments, and automatic tracking and reporting of your progress.

$3,495 at

NordicTrack Vault

NordicTrack VaultNordic Track

The NordicTrack Vault is easy to set up where you need it, choosing a rack-mounted design instead of wall-mounted, and offers amazing vault-like storage (the frame is carbon steel!) behind its 61.5-inch glass screen. Open the cellar and you’ll see what all the fuss is about: stocking up on two yoga blocks, three loop bands, three super resistance bands, an exercise mat, one 20-pound bar and one 30-pound barbell, 5-30-pound dumbbells, and a cleaning towel. You can choose to purchase the Vault without these internal extras, in case you want to provision them yourself, but we think most users will be happier with the included equipment. Every purchase comes with a free 30-day iFIT Family membership, giving you access to a huge library of customized workouts and routines.

$999 at

mirror pro

mirror proMirror

If you are more interested in yoga, cardio, and gymnastics than strength training, Mirror Pro may be your perfect choice. It’s a product of lululemon Studio, a comprehensive membership program that gives you 10% off at lululemon stores (plus early access to some product releases) and 20% off at affiliate yoga studios, not to mention access to over 10,000 world-class workouts from lululemon instructors. Studio, as well as coaches affiliated with Pure Barre, Rumble, DOGPOUND, and other studios. The Mirror Pro itself is relatively compact, lightweight, and designed subtle enough to pass as a real mirror when not in use. Unlike many competing products, it includes a camera, allowing you to book one-on-one lessons with personal trainers who can then assess your form and offer helpful tips or technique suggestions, so if you prefer a more guided workout experience, this is a great option.

$1,245 at

Tempo Studio

Tempo StudioSpeed

Tempo Studio eschews the wall-mounted design of some of its competitors for an easel-like form factor that maintains its compactness bone From the small footprint and portability of the hanging mirror while giving it the extra storage capacity to house two 7.5 lb dumbbells and up to 75 lbs of removable weight, plus a 5mm thick exercise mat. Workouts are broadcast via a 42-inch touchscreen, with Bluetooth-enabled speakers to help you follow any of the 1,000+ pre-programmed exercises. You need to commit to a Tempo subscription to unleash the studio’s full potential, and this will set you back $35 per month with a 12-month commitment or $30 per month with a 24-month commitment, but if you’re looking for customized workouts, guided instruction, and built-in heart rate, rep, and pace tracking, the membership is More than justifies its cost.

$1,695 at

Macvon’s strength

Macvon's strengthMcDonald’s

If you want a compact way to get a full-body strength workout, look no further than Macvon Strength. This exercise mirror uses a dual-motor design to deliver up to 110 pounds of resistance per arm, in a massive variety of angles and configurations, meaning you can perform any exercise you previously could with a barbell or dumbbells. You can control your workouts via your smartphone or the 23.8-inch LED touchscreen, while 19 built-in sensors monitor your progress to make sure you stay challenged while training safely. Plus, there are a variety of great accessories available, from smart handles and bars to an ergonomic bench and yoga mat, all of which help expand the range of uses, letting you get more out of the Macvon Strength exercise mirror.

From $2,499 at

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