Can a utility iron help my long game?


TaylorMade Stealth UDI and DHY utilities

Jonathan Wall

Welcome to’s ClubTest Proving Ground, where Equipment Editor Jonathan Wall and Equipment Editor Ryan Barath put the latest groundbreaking designs and technologies through their paces. equipment on the field and on the course.

Like many golfers, I’m always looking for the perfect spread for the top of my set. I’ve tried everything from pure long irons to high loft 7 woods, and the one thing I’ve always taken away from these back and forths is that they can both work, but only in certain circumstances. ideal.

This is where utility clubs come in.

For this edition of GOLF’s ClubTest Proving Ground, I’m testing my own golf bag to find out which of the new Stealth UDI and DHY utility clubs offers the best option for spreading the top end of my set between my longest iron and my wood. of the highest course.

If you’re looking for a full breakdown of Stealth UDI and DHY technology, you can find it here: FIRST LOOK: The 2022 Stealth UDI and DHY Utility Irons from TaylorMade.

The test

Foresight’s GCQuad launch monitor.


I hit 10 balls with the Taylormade Stealth UDY and DHY utilities (see specs below), and removed all statistical outliers. I then compared them to my longest standard iron and my 5 wood. The test was conducted indoors using a Foresight GCQuad launch monitor and a Titleist ProV1X golf ball.

Club Specifications:

IDU: Loft: 20°, Length: 39.25″, Shaft: Aldila Ascent 90HY Stiff Flex
DHY: Loft: 19°, Length: 39.75″, Shaft: Aldila Ascent 75HY Stiff Flex

The results

Comparing the clubs at the top of my bag.

ryan barat

Trajectory profile tells us a lot about ball flight

ryan barat

Takeaway meals

There are a number of things that can be learned from this test, and the first is that taking the time to get in shape using a launch monitor will always help you reach your on-course performance goals faster.

Plus, where you golf and course conditions matter – a lot! As discussed many times before The Open Championship this year, make sure your club setup takes proper account of course conditions and weather.

In general, if you play in firm conditions with less forced carry, the UDI will probably be your best bet, even if you don’t carry it as high as the DHY. On the other hand, if you want driving iron control but need a club that will peak higher, the DHY will probably be the better option – remember, these are strictly the results of one person.

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The ultimate blend of control and versatility, Stealth UDI is a powerful option from the tee or the turf.


Dive into the weeds

My personal experience is why a proper fit plays such an important role because I’m a naturally high-launch, higher-spin player and also tend to miss low across the face depending on my dynamics of swing. This last part plays a big part in the final numbers.

IDU vs. DHY Launch Monitor Numbers

ryan barat

Even though the Stealth DHY has 1 degree less loft and launches lower than the UDI, the wider sole design along with the lower center of gravity results in higher backspin and higher variance ( read as the standard deviation below the average numbers above: 474 rpm versus 266 rpm).

The DHY also offered more ball speed at 137.1 mph on average compared to the IDU’s 134.3 mph, but I’m comfortable saying a lot of that speed is down to the fact that the DHY has a lighter handle and a 1/2″ longer length.

Pure numbers wise I hit the Stealth DHY a bit further but overall the UDI suits me better as it keeps the ball in my preferred launch window and gives me the control I want off the tee and from the fairway, where this club will see a majority of its use.

So if you, like many golfers, struggle to properly bridge the gap between your longest iron and your highest lofted wood, the Stealth DHY and UDI offer great options for doing just that. Just be sure to have them on a launch monitor to really know which one will be best for you.

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