Cardio exercises, resistance training to do at home

I regularly receive emails with questions about the exercise. The most frequently asked question is what do I do for exercise. I split my workout time between the gym and home, and my routine consists of alternating three days with two days of cardio training and then resistance training the next day. My second cardio day is more fluid, and I can opt out of my usual cardio workout and instead work in the yard or do something else for variety, like going several rounds to punch my heavy bag.


My workouts are solid and I push myself, but I’ve learned, finally, not to push too hard. Instead, I take an instinctive approach, working on what I feel like, doing more on the days I feel like it, and allowing myself to do less on the other days.


In other words, I don’t lock myself into a specific exercise session.

So here’s an example of my cardio workout and how you can copy the routine at home.

What is the best home cardio workout?

One of my cardio workouts consists of 45-60 minutes of walking on a treadmill, gradually increasing speed and height. I like to watch TV while I exercise, and it gives me the opportunity to watch the things my wife, Anita, hates. This means action movies, where the bad guys do terrible things, and the hero tracks them down and wipes them out. I am very careful to warm up properly, starting with a slow 2 mph walk, then gradually adding speed and elevation until I am pressing at 3.5 mph and a 10% grade.

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