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Gallery view Image credit: Now that the new year has arrived, it’s time to start our resolutions and fortunately, Chloe Kardashian revenge body Coach, Lacey Stoneshared with Hollywood Live Exclusivelya 30-minute strength training program that you can do at home or outside, to get fit and get your body moving. More aboutChloe Kardashian Lacey … Read more

11 exercises to reduce lower back pain

Also called erector lumbar muscles, they are responsible for maintaining the structure of the spine by elevating it. A strong lower back helps prevent injuries and pain during movements such as bending forward and picking up objects. Like any muscle, unless we actively work the lower back muscles, they will weaken over time. It is … Read more

5 Easy Exercises for a Smaller Waist You Can Do at Home, Says Coach – Don’t Eat This

If you’re hoping that regular exercise will help shrink your waist, you’re in luck. Honestly, there are seemingly endless exercises you can tackle that will tone your abs, strengthen your core, and tone your midsection. However, you may not have time to indulge in workouts that require a gym visit, and you may not want … Read more

The Weekend Workout: 10 Easy Indoor Workouts for When You Don’t Feel Like Going to the Gym | Health

Regular physical activity is important for optimal health but there are days like weekends or festival season when you don’t feel like hitting the gym but at the same time don’t want to miss your workouts. The rainy season can also sometimes disrupt our fitness regime with puddles, slippery roads, and traffic jams that can … Read more