Chrishell Stause did a home workout with Partner G Flip

It may be a new year, but Chrishell Stause is keeping her workouts with NASM-certified personal trainer and CEO of Power 8, Ocho, consistent.



The pair have been training together for two years, and Ocho just shared a look at one of their Sunset sale Last star sweat sessions. “New year, new goals,” Osho writes in the caption of his post. “Me and @chrishell.stause have been locked up for 2 years now and we’re still building.”

In a series of clips, Stause does five push-ups in an olive green workout set and white sneakers. She alternates between body weight exercises and moves that require dumbbells and resistance band for a full body workout at home. In the latest video featured in the post, Stause’s partner, Australian musician G Flip, joins her on the mat for the couples essential workout moment.

Osho previously said: “Every single session is a full body workout” appearance. He added that they usually do high-intensity exercises.

Stause begins the series of exercises with a compound lunge. With a dumbbell in each hand, you do a pendulum lunge. She steps her left leg forward, holding the pose in her lower body while extending her arms forward in a single push. Then, she returns to the starting position before stepping her left leg back, and repeats the movement after landing with a reverse lunge.

Then, the reality TV star gets into some speedy business for a wave of cardio. In a wide stance with her knees slightly bent, she takes quick steps in place for a few beats. She then leaped high into the air, bringing her knees to meet her hands briefly before touching down from the explosive plyometric move.

In the next clip, Stause carries a low push as the dog watches nearby. Her toes are slightly wider than hip-width while her palms are under her shoulders. Instead of the traditional plank position, her elbows are bent on a diagonal, as if she’s lowering her body into a pushup and simply stopping midway. It’s clearly a tricky move for Stause — her biceps rock visibly in the video before finally falling to her stomach for a break. (Read more: The Best Core Stability Exercises to Elevate Your Workouts)

Then, she got back to her feet to squat jump in and out with a short A resistance loop around her ankles. from In a standing position, she hops her feet out to the side and lowers into a squat by bending her knees, which track her toes. Next, she jumps her feet back together again while maintaining tension in the band. Finally, stand upright before starting another rep.

Last up is a dynamic core move, which Stause performs on a mat on the floor alongside G Flip, whom she has been dating since. 2021. With her right leg hovering a few inches off the ground, Stause Bend her left knee and pull it to her chest. At the same time, with her hands behind her head, she rotates her upper body to bring her right elbow to her left knee, keeping her shoulders off the ground. She lowers her upper body and legs until she reaches the mat, then starts the movement again on the other side. All the while, she and the G Flip move in unison, crushing the hard sliver together.

For a closer look at these movements, you can check Stause’s trainer website where he offers an at-home training program.

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