Daily Schmankerl: Harry Kane invited to join Bayern Munich; Robert Lewandowski sent a stark message from Bayern; Thomas Müller is a legend; Manuel Neuer is miserly?; Chris Richards at Crystal Palace; and more!


After rumors swirled about Bayern Munich’s interest in signing Harry Kane as a potential replacement for Lewandowski, former Liverpool player Luis Garcia urges Kane to join Bayern as soon as possible:

“I think it has to be on the table,” Garcia said. “Harry Kane mentions last year and the year before that he might be looking for a different option, he wants to win trophies and challenges for every competition.


“And he struggled. He still delivers, but I think the team is letting him down, so that could be one of the options (joining Bayern).

“At a time when Bayern have a big place up front where a number nine could join, I think that’s a fantastic option for Harry Kane.

“Not just waiting six months or a year, it might be a good time to take a chance (now). I’m not sure Conte will be ready to allow him to leave now that they’re building a solid squad.

As for Garcia, well, he’s a former professional who used to play for Liverpool. That tells you a lot about his credentials, huh? I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

After his departure, Lewandowski left some people confused and at the same time a little angry. Of course, it was unavoidable, but according to the Bayern front office, some things could have been done better:

The German champions’ sporting director Salihamidzic has now denounced Lewandowski’s decision to join the Blaugrana. The decorated former winger added that the Poland international’s conduct had left him disappointed and he couldn’t understand why he had acted in such a way.

Salihamidzic has now spoken about the striker’s departure: “My understanding of Lewandowski’s attitude is really zero point zero. Nothing. As a player, I would have tried to clarify my situation internally to sort out my situation and I would have fulfilled my contract.”

In some ways, Brazzo is right. But hey, when a player wants to leave (and publicly expresses his desire to leave), you just have to let him go. But what about Barcelona’s oddly bulky transfer portfolio? Nagelsmann was right when he observed in bewilderment: “They have no money but are buying all the players!”

(See you in the Champions League, Barça?)

If you thought HUGE news would drop at the start of this week, you were probably a little disappointed. Fear not, however, there was still plenty to talk about when it came to Bayern Munich.

Here’s what we have in store for this episode:

  • A look at the current (purulent?) situation between Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski and FC Barcelona.
  • The latest on Matthijs de Ligt. Can Bayern Munich close the deal soon?
  • Serge Gnabry seems to sign a new contract… where does he stand?
  • An exit for Chris Richards seems increasingly likely.
  • Would a nicer, softer Brazzo do business – and what if he played the long game with Erling Haaland?
  • Some quick takes on the season finale of The boys and the Prime Minister of the second half of You better call Saul.

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the original Raumdeuter is a mensch. After playing in the heat of DC, he snapped a photo with a delighted fan who ended up in the locker room:

Attaboy Thomas, making dreams come true.

The USMNT centre-back is expected to join Crystal Palace on a permanent basis, not on loan. This comes after Richards’ successful (but injury-plagued) spell at Hoffenheim, via two The Athletic reporters captured by @iMiaSanMia:

It’s extremely sad, because I always thought that Richards was a huge talent that Bayern should have kept and developed until he reached the first stage of his career at Ramos. But hey, let’s hope he does as well in England.

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After a fairly successful summer transfer window, fans are starting to regain faith in Hasan Salihamidzic, although many still believe he completely ruined Lewandowski’s situation:

I’m not exactly Brazzo’s biggest fan, but after all the transfers he’s made over the summer, I’m fine with him sticking around a bit longer.

My goat? Never. But it looks like this:

The man, who was named ‘Hazir S.’ by reports, drove Neuer and a friend from Munich’s Odeonsplatz to an apartment building in the Lehel district, according to Sky Germany.

But when he cleaned the vehicle later, he made a discovery. Neuer had left his wallet in the car.

The taxi driver intended to return the wallet to its owner and thanks to a passerby, he managed to deliver the wallet to the manager of Neuer in Tegernsee, a town in the Miesbach district of Bavaria, along with his contact details.

Two weeks later, Hazir was “outraged” after receiving a shirt in the mail without comment. “This finder’s fee is a travesty. I have four children,” he said via Sky Germany. “I can’t do anything with the jersey.”

By law, a finder is entitled to 5% of a find worth €500, and anything over that only gets you another 3%. This therefore means that Hazir would have been entitled to receive around €34 for finding Neuer’s wallet (if the reported amount of money is to be believed). A Bayern shirt, however, is worth much more than that (around €100). But the taxi driver claims he traveled 120 kilometers to deliver the wallet, which cost him around €400. If it was me, I would have taken the jersey and sold it on eBay, saying it was delivered by The Wall itself as a reward.

So it happened. Bayern Munich have sold Robert Lewandowski to FC Barcelona for around €45 million guaranteed plus €5 million in bonuses. With his departure, Bayern lose a striker who has scored more than 50 goals per season for three consecutive seasons. Without him, Julian Nagelsmann will have to find new solutions for the attack, while the transfer fee raises money to reinvest in the workforce.

Since this is a major discussion, we got three people together for just our second three-way podcast.

In this episode, INNN, Tom and Schnitzel discuss:

  • Our first impressions of Lewandowski leaving the club.
  • Can striker pair Sadio Mane and Serge Gnabry make up for Lewy’s loss of goals?
  • The issues with the rumored 3-5-2 formation planned by Julian Nagelsmann.
  • Schnitzel suggests a different formation that gives INNN conniptions.
  • How Bayern can still operate a 4-2-3-1 with Sadio Mane as the lone striker.
  • INNN’s point of view: why defense must be at the center of the coming season.
  • Massive discussion on the fluidity of formation and how to use Thomas Muller.
  • Which transfers does Bayern Munich remain in the window? Which transfers are still likely?
  • Why Cristiano Ronaldo could still end up coming to Bayern.
  • Final thoughts – what are Julian Nagelsmann’s expectations for the upcoming season? Expected positions in Bundesliga, DFB Pokal and Champions League.

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