Dale Jr. hates flying, Helio races Daytona 500 and Elliott won’t age


When it comes to TV holidays, I think you should put Father’s Day pretty high on the list, right?


Thanksgiving is your obvious number 1, followed by New Years and Christmas (yes, in that order), and maybe a bit of Memorial Day (certainly for racing fans) mixed in.

But, coming from someone who just watched four hours of coverage of the US Open final on Sunday…Father’s Day is absolutely up in the conversation.

Which brings me to my point (yes, we’re finally there!): maybe pick another summer weekend to please the Cup guys?

I missed running. You missed it. Heck, even the Cup guys (sort of) couldn’t stay away!

“Being able to come here and watch is fun,” Chase Elliott told Racing America’s Matt Weaver after making the trip from Dawsonville to Pensacola to see his dad Bill lead the SRX series opener on Saturday night.