Denmark-Spain: Women’s Euro 2022, live! | Women’s Euro 2022


The key events:


79 minutes From the resulting corner, Holmgaard loops a header back through goal and wide.

78 min: Good save from Panos! Harder runs a long ball past Holmgaard, holds Paredes in the box and sends the ball to Nadim. She pulls him away from Maria Leon and hits an uphill drive that is pushed by the stretching Panos. It was close enough to Panos for it to be a relatively comfortable save.

77 minutes At the other end, the shot of Bonmati at 18 meters is blocked.

76 minutes Maria Leon loses her concentration and lets the ball run over her body. Nadim takes it away but then tries a very ambitious chip from 40 yards out. It drifts very wide.

75 minutes Mariona’s deep corner is headed in on goal by Paredes, but Athenea can’t control a clumsy ball under pressure.

74 minutes Two other changes for Denmark: Nadia Nadim and Stine Larsen to replace Rikke Madsen and the excellent Janni Thomsen. It looks like they’ve also switched to 4-3-3.

72 minutes Harder shoots over 25 yards after a great run. She was alone against five Spanish defenders, but still managed to keep the ball and eventually managed to get shot.

Denmark’s Pernille Harder shoots over the bar. Photography: Dylan Martinez/Reuters

71 minutes Left-back Carmona hits a good drive from long range which is pushed back by Christensen, diving low to his left. Carmona has been very enterprising in attack since his arrival.

69 minutes Athenea pulls away from Ballisager in the area but Boye shows up to make a great challenge.

67 minutes Athenea’s snapshot from the edge of the area is well blocked by Ballisager (I think). Looks like a Spanish goal is coming.

66 minutes Christensen is smart off her line to beat Esther Gonzalez on a deflected ball.

65 minutes Spain controlled the game much better in the second half, with Denmark offering little threat at the break. They may be knocked out after chasing the ball for over an hour.

64 minutes Mariona’s left corner is met in front of the near post by Maria Leon, who attempts a clever but extremely difficult half-volley around the corner. He hits the side net.

63 minutes Free kick for Spain on the right. Maria Leon fails to beat the first wife, an exceptionally poor delivery on her part.

60 minutes Denmark barely had a kick in the second half. But it’s still 0-0, and Spain still aren’t creating too many chances.

59 minutes “It’s impossible not to be heartbroken for Putellas, such a wonderful player who missed a tournament,” said Matt Dony. “But it’s also heartbreaking for the team as a whole. It’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t have completed one of these moves had she been in the field. See also: the game against Germany. I can’t stand Barcelona, ​​but I love watching a Spanish team tiki taka fight their way through a game. (I also drink a Spanish red, which is a good reason to support them.) Too bad it’s not entirely consistent in front of goal.

They really miss Jenni Hermoso too, even though she’s slightly past her magnificent peak.

58 minutes Change for Denmark: Sanne Troelsgaard replaces Kathrine Kuhl.

55 minutes Harder has done so much good work in broad areas. She beats Paredes again down the left, but there isn’t much support in the middle and her cross is clear.

54 min: Chance for Spain! Cardona’s deep cross is unconvincingly palpated by the Christensen stretch. Carmona runs on the loose ball, eight yards out, and smashes a half-volley into the side netting.

53 minutes Batlle fizzles a square pass to Bonmati in the area. She spins superbly but then becomes a mob again and ends up dispossessed.

52 minutes Madsen tries to chase Panos and seems to be triggered by Carmona. The referee disagrees.

50 minutes Thomsen’s pinpoint cut finds Madsen, whose first shot is well blocked by Paredes. Madsen captured that well and I think it was going in the right direction.

48 minutes Substitute Cardona has a speculative cross shot cleared by Sevecke into the penalty area. The longer it remains 0-0, the more Spain will think the unthinkable.

47 minutes “Verticalidad is all well and good,” says Peter Oh, “but I’m afraid there are a lot of young fans watching out there whose old man has had one too many beers and is in danger of becoming a horizontal dad.”


46 minutes Peeppeep! Denmark start the second half.

Spain does Three half-time changes: Esther Gonzalez, Marta Cardona and Olga Carmona replace Leila Ouahabi, Lucia Garcia and Sheila Garcia.

“According to the Spanish press, Vilda claimed that replacing Laia with Athenea would give more ‘verticality’,” says Charles Antaki. “Not really in evidence, more the usual horizontal horseshoe, but a Danish goal could change that.”

What they really need is a velocista.

Reading at halftime

Half: Denmark 0-0 Spain

The end of an intriguing half, and for once that’s not an understatement. The pattern of the game – counter attack against tiki-taka – was exactly as expected, and both teams had decent chances. A shock could still occur.

45+2 mins Paredes deviates from the deep cross of Ouahabi. It wasn’t an easy header, with Sevecke (I think) making sure she couldn’t get a clear run to the ball.

45 min: Offline by Boye! Mariona fires a deep corner towards Paredes, whose powerful header beats Christensen and is cleared with a header by Simone Boye.

44 minutes Athenea, increasingly dangerous, beats Thomsen, forcing Ballisager to cross and concede a corner.

43 minutes Kuhl defeats Batlle three times in about five seconds before finding the overlapping Veje. His cross is too close to Panos.

41 minutes Athenea’s wobbly long-range shot is comfortably held by Christensen.

38 minutes It’s Spain’s best spell of the game, and Boye needs to make an important tackle on Athenea in the area.

36 minutes A big letting go for Christensen! She unleashed a deep cross into the feet of Athenea, whose close-range shot was blocked by Thomsen. To Christensen’s defense, she reacted quickly to her mistake and might have saved Athenaeus’ shot herself; Thomsen made sure it wasn’t necessary.

35 minutes Patri drags far and wide.

33 min: Good save from Christensen! It was better from Spain. They held onto the ball for a while until Paredes (I think) sent a nice pass to Batlle in the area. She squared to Mariona, whose low shot was well saved to her left by Christensen. Mariona didn’t take the shot as well as she would have liked.