Draymond calls out Damon Bruce for hot Wiseman-Holmgren take


95.7 Game show host Damon Bruce was quick to criticize Warriors third-year center James Wiseman after his Summer League debut last week when the 7-footer picked up two rebounds ( as well as 11 points and two blocks) in about 20 minutes of action.

Draymond Green clearly disagreed with Bruce’s view on Monday, when he said, “Anytime you’re a 7-footer who plays 20 minutes of basketball and you’ve got 2 rebounds to show , it’s just not good. … Chet Holmgren is already 50 times more of a player than James Wiseman.”


Draymond calls Damon at 1:40 p.m.

In the latest episode of The Draymond Green Show, released Thursday, Draymond called out Bruce.

“Don’t get me wrong, that’s also the first thing I looked at. Like, Wise, you can’t have two rebounds,” Green said. “But for those of you who are just going to criticize it and don’t know. Saw the guy from the Damon & Ratto show at The Bay – dude Damon. You go out and you want to talk about Chet Holmgren being light years ahead of James Wiseman right now or whatever you said, made that statement. Let me help you, the rebound is all about timing. Bouncing isn’t just, ‘I’m tall, I’m long, I can jump, I’m athletic.’ The rebound is the timing.

“For someone who hasn’t played basketball since 2018 – I know you probably wouldn’t understand – but your timing is probably messed up. It’s been four years and a change from not playing basketball regularly. Those who did that will understand that it is 100% a matter of timing. Again, I would never excuse James Wiseman for having two rebounds. I don’t think James Wiseman would excuse him either.

Wiseman, the former No. 2 overall pick in 2019, hasn’t played a full season since he was in high school, despite playing 39 games in his rookie year. Since tearing his meniscus in April 2021, Wiseman has only appeared in three G League games and two Summer League competitions.

“To try to make it a thing and compare two guys who – and this kid’s been out for four years – is ridiculous,” Green said. “Also, you can’t judge who is best placed for a Summer League game. Let’s stop the nonsense. It’s ridiculous. Welcome James Wiseman. Happy to see you again. Do your thing.”

During Thursday’s taping of “Damon & Ratto,” Bruce heard Green’s comments and offered his reaction live on air.

“So he agreed with me,” Bruce said. “He basically says that’s the first thing he noticed, and then he goes on to say, ‘Listen, I understand there’s a rust factor here. But he even admitted it. Bouncing back is timing, it’s also effort, it’s also aggressiveness. And it’s not like James Wiseman’s first return to the pitch was that Summer League game. He played, he practiced, he timed his rebounds in practice too. It doesn’t look like Draymond and I were arguing at all.

Bruce also offered another final thought on his initial Wiseman-Holmgren comparison.

“Fair enough. Anything less than defending his teammate would have disappointed me,” Bruce said. City call right (Warriors general manager) Bob Myers and say Wiseman for Holmgren, Bob Myers is doing this deal at the speed of light.

This one will probably simmer now, and I wouldn’t expect a line from the green outspoken. But you can hear Bruce’s hot takes all year round on 95.7 The Game.

“What makes me happy (is) that new media is listening to old media,” Bruce said with a smile. “We’re not leaving, baby.”

In Tuesday night’s game against the Boston Celtics, Wiseman scored six points with seven rebounds. It continues to show flashes but remains a raw product. Green clearly loves the advantages of the athletic and talented 7-footer.

“I think the things that James Wiseman was able to show in the two games he played is absolutely remarkable,” Green said. “And just coming back, just happy to see him doing what he loves to do again and having the opportunity to play basketball.”