Finau’s celebration, Mcilroy throws shade and Judge Freeman’s ruling


It’s been a busy week at golf

Layna Finau, S. Todd Rogers, Stuart Kerr

Hello friends – and happy Wednesday! I want this week’s Rogers report to serve as something of a palate cleanser after days of legal paperwork and court proceedings. That’s not to say I won’t dive into the battle of professional golf at allbut for the most part it will be a LIV vs PGA Tour safe space!

First, give credit where credit is due: Ashleigh Buhai rallied to a victory on the fourth playoff hole at the Women’s Open on Sunday after giving up a five-stroke lead. Her bunker game was impeccable and her husband’s support was as healthy as it gets.

Finau Family Updates

To absolutely no one’s surprise, we received another video of Tony Finau launching another performance of “Dougie” over the weekend.

Is it overplayed? Maybe! Will I ever get tired of these videos? Absolutely not! It’s refreshing to see a golfer having such a good time off the course… although Finau may have been in the doghouse after dropping his wife’s phone in the pool at their first birthday party. daughter. (Just kidding. Finau confirmed in his Memphis presser that the phone survived.)

Getting a hole-in-one, attending the Masters and maybe a Ryder Cup are on every golfer’s bucket list. Not mine, however. I want:

1. Watch the TaylorMade party shoot and

2. Attend a birthday party hosted by a professional golfer

Why? Because they are going all out. Finau’s youngest Sienna-Vee had one this weekend and the party was top notch. I’m talking about hundreds of balloons, ice cream, cupcakes and possibly the biggest bouncy house I’ve ever seen. Check it out.

Layna and Tony also went to an Imagine Dragons and Macklemore concert recently and despite Macklemore’s less than enthusiastic smile below, it seemed like a long time ago.

Maya Fowler’s debut on the course

Charlie Woods. Samy Spieth. Poppy McIlroy. Many PGA Tour kids had their “big time” on the course, but we didn’t catch a glimpse of eight-month-old Maya at her father’s workplace until last weekend.

Adorable! And a big shout out to my lovely buddy Ali Kerns for capturing this heartwarming content.

Joo Hyung Kim

Notice to all thirtysomethings: the children have arrived. Joohyung “Tom” Kim picked up his first PGA Tour victory on Sunday at the ripe old age of… 20. And besides, he is the first guy born in the 2000s to win on the Tour. Nothing makes me feel older than realizing that today’s star athletes are younger than me and that my window to be a Disney Channel star has passed.

Anyway, let’s take a look at some pop culture and sports moments that happened before Mr. Kim was even born.

  • Harry Potter at the Sorcerer’s Stone was the #1 movie, followed by Shrek and Monsters Inc.
  • The Child of Destiny Survivor top of the charts
  • Friends was the most popular show on television
  • The PlayStation 2 has been freed
  • Tiger Woods has completed the Grand Slam

Already feeling old? Same. Joohyung Kim is actually called “Tom” because of his love for Thomas the train like a kid.

Seriously, he loved it. Check out the 60 degree corner he had in play at the Wyndham Championship last week.

One of my favorite things to do after securing a new Tour winner is to provide proper insight into their social media profiles. I couldn’t find Kim on Facebook, which wasn’t surprising since, again, he was born in 2002. The following video from his Instagram profile, which appears to be a FootJoy ad, didn’t disappoint.

Faldo signs one last time

By now you know very well that Sunday was Nick Faldo’s last day with the CBS crew. I don’t even know Nick Faldo personally, but I always feel sad when people end an important chapter in their lives, even if I don’t know them. While I ponder the reason further, check out this awesome behind-the-scenes video we received from Faldo and Jim Nantz during a rain delay on Saturday:

Sure, these guys are having a great time on the air, but it was really cool to see them off the air, not all buttoned up. Just hang out! I hope for more of this type of content in the future.

Collin’s Clubs

If you’re a golfer who’s been to Europe recently, I’m willing to bet you lost your clubs for a few days. Losing them when you don’t know where they are is scary. Lose them when you know exactly where they are is infuriating. And that’s almost what happened to Collin Morikawa the other day. Can you imagine the feeling of helplessness that would overwhelm you right now? You can see your clubs, you can see they’ve fallen off the luggage cart, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Hard!

Luckily for Morikawa, things worked out. I’m also a big fan of him carrying his Ryder Cup travel bag these days.

Golf’s Biggest Breakup

The biggest break in golf right now is Rickie Fowler and his longtime caddy, Joe Skovron. But enough about that. Let’s focus on this video that had then a lot of potential. It could have been great if the players had accepted the bit.

Someone asked Tour players what they thought of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s breakup, and I was disappointed with all the pros in the video. Joel Dahmen – I to know you are better than this ! What we really needed to bring this video to life was a certain Max Homa. I bet he would have talked about the breakup, because he mentioned it on Twitter the other day.

Rory throws (more) shade

Before I dive into what Petty Rory (and I’m saying this in the best possible way) had to say in his presser in Memphis this week, I’d like to applaud him for not going to the gym, playing golf, or eating a vegetable. for two weeks after the Open. If the guy who came this close to a win at St. Andrews can’t do anything for two weeks, so so can we.

Back to the main topic. We all remember McIlroy making this remark, a chance against 20-time PGA Tour winner Greg Norman after his victory at the Canadian Open in June: “Twenty-first PGA Tour victory, one more than anyone another. It gave me a little extra motivation today.

Well Rory-with-an-edge is BACK, and here’s what he had to say Wednesday morning.

In order to fully appreciate this, you need to know what was said at the LIV court hearing on Tuesday afternoon.

Bold move from Rory! I have to respect that he a) is always attentive and b) isn’t always mean-spirited, but when he is, it’s at the right time and it’s perfectly delivered.

Judge Freeman

I saved the best for last today, folks. Let’s all get to know Judge Beth Labson Freeman, the woman who decided the playoff fates of Talor Gooch, Matt Jones and Hudson Swafford on Tuesday.

Here’s what we know: She pronounced “LIV” as “LIV” throughout yesterday’s hearing, even after the lawyers named her correctly. It is a coup de force. He says, “I don’t care what it’s called.” Then she asked the attorneys if the plaintiffs “would actually be in the running to win” the Playoffs. I’ve never been to court before (subtle flex I got from my speeding tickets), but the fact that “are these guys that good?” was a legit question is hilarious to me. But enough about that and more about who Freeman is.

The 68-year-old judge, who is a member of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, was born in Washington, DC and attended UC Berkeley before honing her skills at Harvard Law School. In December 2020, Judge Freeman blocked the enforcement of President Donald Trump’s executive order prohibiting federal contractors from training employees on various concepts rooted in critical race theory (Wikipedia is one hell of a place, my friends!). And for all the golfers out there, Freeman has a 32.9 handicap and plays at Peninsula Golf & Country Club. And oh yeah, he’s a total boss. I watched his audiences all day.

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