Fitness trainer Gaurav Mauli reveals the perfect at-home workout to look slimmer and fitter

Lean Body Home Workout is perfect for busy professionals

Gaurav Mauli – The ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist has always been a fitness enthusiast and strives to become the best version of himself. Gaurav started his journey in the year 2012 to gain confidence.


His intense focus and fortitude helped him enhance his physical appearance and gain the required muscle and flexibility. That’s when he realized this was something he wanted to do. It is his way of giving back to the community and helping people learn, understand, and grow because of what he has revealed in himself. In 2015, Gaurav was training as a personal trainer. He was able to train about 3-4 people each day and that’s when he realized that a lot of his time and efforts were just wasted on commuting. He started putting workout content on his social site where the needs of a large number of people can be catered to, especially those who don’t have time to rush to the gym or people who have a tight schedule.


He has developed a fitness program for individuals who are engaged in their careers and who cannot afford to spend two hours in the gym for a workout. The program is designed for beginners who are not comfortable in the gym. He adds, “Just joining the gym before learning the basics is not the right approach as this can lead to injuries. Not having enough knowledge and learning basics of body movement, even after months of training, some people do not achieve satisfactory results. This is where Our at-home bodyweight exercise program is designed for busy professionals to help them learn exercises, strengthen their core, and improve their form and posture.” Gaurav’s Lean Body Program has helped over 1,575 busy professionals adopt a healthy lifestyle not just physically but mentally.

Gaurav Molri has shared a perfect bodyweight workout routine that you can do at home

Step 1: Warm up

To begin with, individuals can simply progress with curls for 30 seconds x 3 times to warm up the body followed by jumping jacks for 30 seconds x 3 times

Step Two: Strength Training (30 seconds x 3 rounds)

Once the warm-up is over, individuals can now focus on strength training with squats followed by push-ups and then move on to lunges and super-mans. Remember to take 10-second breaks with enough water.

Step 3: Core Strengthening (30 seconds x 3 rounds)

After the strength training, now it’s time to develop core strength with Plank, Russian Twist followed by bicycle crunches, sit-ups and leg raises.

Step 4: Stretching (30 seconds x 3 rounds)

While strength training is important, Gaurav makes sure to end each workout session with post-stretching static exercises. To do the same people, the cobra stretch can be performed followed by the bathroom stretch. They can also perform Cat Camel & Downward Dog to stretch the muscles collectively.

Gaurav’s lean body program is perfect for everyone who is new to working out, or unable to see any results despite training in the gym for a couple of months and having a busy lifestyle. In his programme, Gaurav Mauli makes sure that everyone learns exercises, strengthens their core, and improves their form and posture.

You can read more about his program here

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