Fran McCaffery says Kris Murray turned down two-way NBA deal to return to Iowa


Tuesday marked a historic day for Iowa Athletics as “The Swarm” NIL Collective was unveiled. Name, Image and Likeness has been active for over a year, but the Hawkeyes are focused on doing things “the right way” and are excited to finally get the collective off the ground.


“As a former University of Iowa student-athlete, I am thrilled to form The Swarm Collective – a non-profit corporation that contracts with Iowa student-athletes to serve the community. “, Brad Heinrichs, President and CEO of The Iowa Swarm Collective “NIL is a great tool for student-athletes to leverage their name, image and likeness. Our goal is to use their popularity to benefit the Iowa community by raising funds or providing services to local charities and other nonprofit organizations.

After Heinrichs’ press conference, Iowa basketball head coach Fran McCaffery met with a few members of the media to discuss the collective and what it means. One of the first things that came up was the transfer portal and if there was no collective ‘nuisance’, their chances with some of their top targets.

“I’m not going to pay a ton of money for a guy and then pay Kris Murray, Patrick McCaffery and Tony Perkins less. I’m not doing that. (A transfer) didn’t prove anything here,” McCaffery said. . “I’m ready to enter a competitive market, but I’m not going to have any problems with my own dressing room doing it. We’re not going to do that.”

Kris was Iowa’s leading scorer (9.7 ppg) and leading rebounder (4.3 rpg) off the bench, which ranked fourth and third overall, respectively. His 31 blocks and 43 3-point field goals rank seventh and eighth respectively by a second Hawkeye. He ranked second on the team in 3-point accuracy (.387, 43 of 11), blocked shots per game (0.9) and field goals made (124), third in offensive rebounds ( 1.6) and defensive (2.7), and fourth in interceptions (0.8).

“Kris Murray turned down a two-way contract. It’s a lot of money and I like that he bet on himself. He’s going to come back here and have a great year and he needs to be compensated for it. Is it going to be equal? ​​I don’t know. He needs to be compensated and he’s going to be a great spokesperson.

McCaffery says NIL conversations happen every time a potential recruit comes to Iowa City. He’s unable to give them an exact figure they’ll be paid, but says he’s “telling them the truth” about what Iowa is doing and is adamant the players will be paid. The most important thing for McCaffery is that they are doing something for the benefit of the players and thinks it is ridiculous that it took the players so long to get a piece of the pie. Especially since the NCAA generates billions.

The Swarm Collective will represent football, basketball and women’s basketball in Iowa. Several coaches hope they will expand to other sports in the future. Now, the Hawkeyes turn their attention to the 2022-23 season and are ready to face whatever expectations lie ahead.

“I think we’ll have pretty high expectations for ourselves, first and foremost, because we’re a group that’s been together for a while,” Murray said over the summer. “We have a core group of guys and we’re excited to bring in the freshmen as well. They’re going to fit in with us apparently. I think our chemistry is going to be really good this year. Building on last year, we We have a lot of confidence in our group and I think that’s what we’re going to have this year, we’re going to have very high expectations.

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