France v Italy: Women’s Euro 2022 – live! | Women’s Euro 2022


The key events:


OBJECTIVE! France 1-0 Italy (Geyoro, 8′)

Katoto has a shot, hesitant as she thinks she’s offside, then the flag is up.

Girelli is fouled and so Italy have the first free kick, they decide to build deep but France recover it quickly.

Possession trades hands a few more times but ends in a chance for France as a fine pass ends in an easy touch.

6 minutes: Renard’s clearance is countered but Peyraud-Magnin clears but Bonansea comes back with a superb shot but the goalkeeper saves!

The striker gets another opportunity from a corner but Peyraud-Magnin recovers.

France run the ball to the other end and Boattin has to cut off a cross from Perisset for a corner. It doesn’t end in obvious luck.

3 minutes: There is a first French corner with Toletti the shooter, Italy does not remove it immediately but ends up getting out of it.

Renard cuts an incoming ball into the Italian box and they now have a throw-in.

But France gets away with it and it does well to bypass the Italian defenders! Toletti comes through after a battle with the Italian keeper but Diani’s chance goes over the bar. A tasty start!

To start up! France 0-0 Italy

Well here we go, one of the most exciting group matches is underway!

Who will claim victory here? We will know soon.

The echo on the BBC is already starting to piss me off so we’ll see how it goes haha!

Renard spoke to the BBC before kick-off.

She said: “Obviously we have enough quality to pass but our opponents have the same goal.

“We must continue to preserve. Keep believing. I always said that the Euro was more difficult than the World Cup.

The teams will soon leave the field and the anthems will soon be in full voice!

I’m going to predict a 1-0 France win here. Will I be right? We will know soon.

Who do you think will be the star of this game?

I think the French Wendie Renard and the Italian Aurora Galli will be ones to watch. Both have been in great shape lately.

While waiting for the kick off, at 8 p.m., take a look at this.

England’s Jill Scott spoke about what it means to have a Euro at home.

Earlier in the day, in the other Group D match, Belgium and Iceland faced off in a 1-1 match.

There was a lot of drama with a missed penalty but it just ended!

What do you think of the game or Group D as a whole? Let me know via Twitter or email.

The Guardian has written in-depth analyzes for each team in this tournament.

For tonight’s teams, if you want more information, read France’s here:

And Italy is here:

Team news has arrived!

France starting XI: Peyraud-Magnin; Perisset, Tounkara, Fox, Karchaoui; Geyoro, Bilbault, Toletti; Diani, Katoto, Cascarino

Italy starting XI: Giulani; Bartoli, Gama, Linari, Boattin; Galli, Giugliani, Caruso; Bergamasque, Girelli, Bonansea


France take on Italy as both teams look to kick off their Euro 2022 campaigns.
France head coach Corinne Deacon is eager to get going and hailed her legend Wendie Renard. She told L’Equipe: “The problem is that Wendie got injured at the start of the season and we didn’t have her for qualifying in October and November.

“She has only been with us since February but she is an important person in the group, with her aura, her experience and her performances. The return of the captaincy to her arm has borne fruit, she is completely satisfied in this role.

The French are looking to put their team’s infighting behind them and focus on lifting the trophy. Their opponents tonight are aiming to scalp their rivals in their opener and Italy head coach Milena Bertolini says they are taking it one game at a time.

“We are playing game by game, so for now we are concentrating on France,” she told UEFA. “But we know that to progress, we will also have to beat the others. Our goal is to progress from the group. To face a strong team like France, we have to go beyond our physical and technical abilities, and for that we have to be united, tactically on point, Italian style.