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With the New Year officially here, there are plenty of at-home workouts to try but it’s hard to find a total-body workout you can do without equipment in your living room—yet. Institutional Set it upAnd Katrina Scott And Karina Dawnshared with Hollywood Live ExclusivelyHIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout that you can do to get in shape.


“One of the best exercises to get your heart pumping and speed up your metabolism is the HIIT workout. The beauty of this type of cardio is that there are so many ways to change it up, which means you’ll never get bored!” the girls admitted. “The Tone It Up app has many options and is free through April 22. Each style of HIIT workout keeps the results coming in and boosts your VO2 max, your endurance, and even your strength.”

See below for the three exercise combinations included in the workout.

1. Superset HIIT
“You may have heard of a ‘superset’ when it comes to strength. This means that you alternate two exercises in one set and that same idea applies to a super HIIT workout. You take two exercises, alternating between them for a set amount of time. For example, kettlebell swings and planks. You’ll perform 20 seconds of swings, followed by 20 seconds of plank hold.Or go for 20 seconds of jump squats, followed by 20 seconds of shoulder taps.Both of these alternate lower and upper body moves so that one muscle group gets a break while the other works, but you You keep getting that heart rate up. Try it in the TIU App: Super Sculpt Moves with K&K.”

Set it up
Tone It Up founders Katrina Scott and Karena Dunn share with HL EXCLUSIVELY, a full-body HIIT workout you can do at home! (set it)

As many rounds as possible. This type of HIIT workout involves picking a few exercises with specific reps and doing them for as many rounds as you can until the time is up. Here’s an example: In 5 minutes, do 10 reverse lunges, 10 push-ups Squats, 10 shoulder taps, 10 push-ups. When you’re done with those V-ups, just bring them back up and keep going. You can choose any number of moves, reps, and total workout time! Most importantly: Enjoy it!”

3. Tabata
Consider this the OG of HIIT workouts! This means you do an exercise ~think squat jumps or mountain climbers~ for 20 seconds. Then rest for 10 seconds and repeat 8 rounds. That’s a total of 4 minutes. You will see a lot of differences in real Tabata timing. We might run 30 seconds and 15 seconds, or 40 seconds and 20 seconds. Or we may alternate between two moves, doing each move only 4 times. Any of these work-to-rest ratios will improve your fitness and raise your cardio level. You can also choose to hop on a treadmill or bike for this. Try it in your TIU app: Tabata Tone with Kat. “

As for some ways to get motivated to do this workout, Karina and Katrina reveal, “Choose a program for guessing. Right now, we love the Toned Body, Toned Mind program on the Tone It Up app because it builds intensity in both the workouts and meditations as your body and mind get stronger.” Also, schedule your workouts. We know how busy days can get, but if you set reminders or make plans to actually work out with friends, you’ll stay accountable and have fun!”

Revealing some ways to maintain a healthy diet while at home, the girls revealed, “Meal prepping and healthy snacking make eating at home easy. Adding protein to any meal will help you refuel after a workout and fill you up when you need a snack. We We love Tone It Up birthday cake bars for a quick snack or grab a Tone It Up Café Latte protein powder in the afternoon to fight the 4 p.m. slump. Recipes with short ingredient lists are what it’s all about right now. Our mornings with Raspberry Toast. It’s a lovely, healthy morning and you can use any berries on hand. We love keeping our freezers stocked full of frozen cauliflower rice. These frozen veggies with berries and vanilla Tone It Up protein powder will add a smooth, delicious consistency to your favorite berry-cauliflower smoothie We have it right now. Drink it after a TIU workout and the protein will fuel your lean, toned muscles!”

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