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15 minutes: Germany are patient in their rise but the last pass seems rushed. The last pass goes beyond Gwinn and France can breathe again. Diani plays it down the right but his cross is blocked, Diani tries to pass again but Huth shuts it down. Germany look to counter and Peyraud-Magnin comes out, putting a daunting challenge on Magull.

13 minutes: Renard is already making a good defensive turn, running the ball for a German throw. Dabritz deftly manages to win a corner, bringing him into the French defence. Peyraud-Magnin comes out and strikes. There are frantic battles in midfield, but Germany are doing better, building from the back now.

11 minutes: Hegering puts in a very loose ball and France pounces but again they lose it in the final third. These are the last touches and passes that haven’t happened for both teams so far.

9 minutes: Gwinn tries to clear with a long ball but it is closed. Germany lose it at halfway, it was a nervous start for both teams – still settling into this one. Malard is offside and again the ball is exchanged.

7 minutes: The ball bounces, it does not find Renard, and Frohms hits away. They’re doing enough to keep him out, but it was frantic on Germany’s part. Magull walks away with her with a loose French pass but she is tackled. Diani then spins around the German defense but, once again, the ball changes hands.

4 minutes: Popp tries to jump but she fouls Bilbaut and France has a chance to break. Diani wins a throw but they are brought back halfway. A crisp jumper is zoomed into the box by Cascarino and she wins a corner.

2 minutes: Bilbaut knocks the ball offside just after kick-off for a German goal kick. Germany work the ball well early on and Bilbaut awards a free kick for a foul on Magull. It’s whipped but France is doing enough to keep it out.

To start up! Germany 0-0 France

Here we are! Will it be the story of France or will Germany come back in a Euro final? We’ll find out soon…

The teams are out in Milton Keynes and the anthems will be on soon! Who do you predict as winners?

In Berlin, fans gather to watch the game. Photography: Annegret Hilse/Reuters
France captain Wendie Renard (3cetnre) looks focused as the players line up for the photo before kick-off.
France captain Wendie Renard (3cetnre) looks focused as the players line up for the photo before kick-off. Photograph: Liam Asman/Womens Football Magazine/SPP/Shutterstock

France has a murderous attack but Germany haven’t conceded a goal yet so it will be a battle all over the pitch! Not having Buhl will be frustrating for Germany, but their strength from depth means they won’t have a weakness in Brand.

Germany fans in the stands before the match.
German supporters at Stadium MK wave their flag. Photograph: Lisi Niesner/Reuters

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England sealed a 4-0 win over Sweden in an impressive performance but there was one goal that people talk about more than others.

Alessia Russo missed a shot but managed to recover. She then hit two players with a back heel kick to hit the back of the net. If you didn’t see it last night take a look below, I’d say that’s the focus of the tournament so far.

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The French have not changed anything for their match against Germany!

France starting XI: Peyraud-Magnin, Perisset, Bathy, Renard, Karchaoui, Bilbault, Toletti, Geyoro, Diani, Malard, Cascarino

Germany made a change and it comes as Buhl has Covid, Brand is in his place.

Germany from the XI: Frohms, Hendrich, Hegering, Oberdorf, Huth, Popp, Dabritz, Gwinn, Rauch, Magull, Brand.

I’m just looking for France and I’ll let you know as soon as I get it.


Welcome to France against Germany, the second of the Euro 2022 semi-finals, where we find out who will join England in the final at Wembley on Sunday.

Sarina Wiegman’s side beat Sweden 4-0 last night and Germany and France will be keen for the chance to play the hosts. Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s game, France would have had their most successful Euros campaign ever after reaching the semi-final for the first time. The historic team will want to extend their records but Germany are on the hunt to restore their European dominance.

They suffered an early exit from the 2017 tournament, collapsing after losing to Denmark in the quarter-finals, so they will want to play on the main stage of a Euro final once again. Their star striker Alexandra Popp will also be aiming for a semi-final goalscoring record she has scored in four consecutive Euro matches, equaling the record set by compatriot Heidi Mohr.

Germany suffered a blow before the match. Striker Klara Bühl has tested positive and is therefore excluded from the semi-final.

All team news is up and stay tuned for all updates…