Goal and highlights: Spain 1-0 Mexico in U-20 Women’s World Cup match | 08/20/2022


20:29 7 hours ago


Thank you for following the broadcast of the Mexico Women vs Spain match, this time the Europeans won and qualified for the semi-finals. Keep visiting VAVEL so you don’t miss the result of this great U-20 World Cup.


20:24 7 hours ago


The match ends in a 1-0 victory for Spain.

20:19 7 hours ago


Add 4 minutes.

20:14 7 hours ago


Spain arrives on the right flank, but the defense clears for a corner.

20:09 7 hours ago


Medina stays on the pitch and it looks like he’s not going to continue.

20:04 7 hours ago


Mexico is already pressing and playing in the Spanish area.

19:59 7 hours ago


Soto missed a great chance in front of goal.

19:54 7 hours ago


Celeste saves a dangerous ball.

19:49 7 hours ago


The post of Spain and Mexico is again saved.

19:44 7 hours ago


The second half begins.

19:39 7 hours ago


End of the first half.

19:34 7 hours ago


Crossing Mexico.

19:29 8 hours ago


Add 3 minutes.

19:24 8 hours ago


Mauleon receives a yellow card.

19:19 8 hours ago


Celeste avoids the second goal after a superb header.

19:14 8 hours ago


Center of Mexico after a shot from Lopez.

19:09 8 hours ago


Mexico is saved several times.

19:04 8 hours ago


Marin shoots outside the box, but the ball misses the goal.

18:59 8 hours ago


Gooooooooooooooool for Spain! Gabarro arrives in the box to finish the low cross and beat Celeste.

18:54 8 hours ago


Celeste prevents Spain’s low shot from entering the goal.

18:49 8 hours ago


The penalty is waived, as VAR determines no foul.

18:44 8 hours ago


Penalty for Mexico after a foul on Mauléon.

18:39 8 hours ago


Spain came close after a deflected header.

18:34 8 hours ago


Marin commits a foul near midfield.

18:29 9 hours ago


Mauléon commits a fault in the middle of the field, but it does not deserve a card.

18:24 9 hours ago


Dangerous approach from Spain but unable to score past Celeste.

18:19 9 hours ago

Mauléon attempts a long shot which passes into the hands of the goalkeeper.

18:14 9 hours ago

The game begins.

18:09 9 hours ago

Mexico starting XI

18:04 9 hours ago

Spain starting XI

17:59 9 hours ago

The Order of Spain

The Spanish national team enjoyed an excellent group stage, as they did not concede a goal in any of their three group matches and were able to score eight goals in just two matches, compared to Mexico, who scored nil only two goals in the group stage. , the European team imposes itself as a scorer and a defensive team.

17:54 9 hours ago

Spain is already in the stadium

17:49 9 hours ago

Mexico wants to make history

This will be the fourth time Mexico have played in a quarter-final of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup, the tricolor played in the 2010, 2012 and 2016 World Cups, but never reached the semi-finals .

17:44 9 hours ago

Old acquaintances clash

Some players have faced each other in an international FIFA tournament, Natalia Mauleon and Anette Vazquez with Mexico, and Salma Paraluello with Spain, faced off in the final of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Uruguay 2018. On this occasion, the title was lifted by the Europeans.

17:39 9 hours ago

Mexico lead against Spain

In three matches played between the national team of Mexico and the national team of Spain, the tricolor team is at the top of the statistics with a victory and two draws; The Spanish national team was unable to beat the Mexicans in the U-20 category.

17:34 9 hours ago

We continue

Thank you for following the broadcast of the Mexico vs Spain match, corresponding to the quarter-finals of the U-20 Women’s World Cup, this afternoon we are expecting a great match with two teams that have a very marked football style and who will be looking for their pass for the semi-finals, follow the broadcast because below we will give you all the details before the start of the match.

17:29 10 hours ago

Stay tuned for live coverage of Spain vs Mexico Femenil

In a few moments, we’ll share with you the starting lineups for Spain Women vs Mexico Women Live, as well as the latest information from the Estadio Nacional in Costa Rica. Stay tuned for VAVEL’s minute-by-minute online coverage of the game.

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Where and how to watch España Femenil vs México Femenil online and live

17:19 10 hours ago

Watch out for this player from Mexico

17:14 10 hours ago

Watch out for this Spanish player

17:09 10 hours ago

The final composition of Mexico

Espino, Monroy, Guzman, Lopez, Ramirez, Delgado, Gutierrez, Mauleon, Vazquez, Marin, Villanueva.

17:04 10 hours ago

Last female selection of Spain

Nanclares, Medina, Lloris, Tejada, Cabanillas, Garcia, Zubieta, Hogado, Salinas, Gabarro, Elexpuru.

16:54 10 hours ago

Arbitration Quartet

be confirmed

16:49 10 hours ago

Mexico against a great opponent and force

16:44 10 hours ago

Spain maintain scoring pace

16:39 10 hours ago

The quarter-finals are played