Goals and highlights: Real Madrid 2-2 America in 2022 friendly | 07/27/2022


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Objectives and highlights


00:28 a day ago


It’s finish! Real Madrid and America are tied at two goals.

00:25 a day ago


Rodrygo’s shot, but the ball misses.

00:22 A day ago


Right-footed shot from Camavinga, but the Mexican goalkeeper keeps the ball.

00:19 A day ago


Goal, goal, goal for America! Fidalgo shoots from the penalty spot to tie the game.

00:17 A day ago


He missed it! Fidalgo sends a shot, Lunin saves the ball; but if he passes in front, the referee will take back the penalty.

00:16 A day ago


Penalty for America! Fidalgo enters the Spanish area, Tobias ends up overthrowing the attacker and the penalty is awarded.

00:13 a day ago


Tobias sends in a cross for Rodrygo, but the striker fails to kick the ball.

00:08 a day ago


Close! Tchouaméni sent a deadly shot on goal, but Jiménez was there to prevent the third.

00:01 a day ago


Shot from Ceballos, but Jiménez ends up pushing the ball away.

23:58 a day ago


Reyes was trying to switch to defense, but the defense is well stopped and prevents the danger from continuing.

23:52 a day ago


Goal, goal, goal for Real Madrid! Hazard’s cannonball from the penalty spot to give the Spaniards the lead.

23:47 a day ago


Cross from Layún and Lunin keeps the ball.

23:41 a day ago


The action resumes for the second half.

23:23 a day ago


The first part is over! Real Madrid and America are tied at one goal.

23:22 a day ago


A dangerous header from Rüdiger, but the shot misses.

23:19 a day ago


The ball is fought for most of the time in midfield, with both teams looking to generate danger.

11:13 p.m. a day ago


Vinicius arrived with danger, but Lara prevented him from shooting on goal.

23:09 a day ago


Layún sends a lobbed ball into the goal, but Lunin keeps the ball.

23:08 a day ago


Change of America. Guillermo Ochoa is replaced by Óscar Jiménez.

22:59 a day ago


Goal, goal, goal for Real Madrid! Benzema shoots from outside the box and Ochoa can’t prevent the equaliser.

22:57 a day ago


Pass from Vinicius, but he ends up making a mistake and the ball ends up in the legs of the American team.

22:49 a day ago


Dangerous attempt by Vázquez, but he ends up smashing the ball into the defense.

22:42 a day ago


Goal, goal, goal for America! Martin’s shot opened the scoring for the visitors.

22:37 a day ago


The action begins at Oracle Park.

22:36 a day ago

America: alignment

G.Ochoa; S. Reyes, S. Cáceres, E. Lara, J. Sánchez; A. Zendejas, P. Aquino, J. dos Santos, M. Layún; F. Vinas, H. Martin.

22:31 a day ago

Real Madrid: Roster

A. Moon; L. Vázquez, Nacho, A. Rüdiger, F. Mendy; Casemiro, L. Modric, T. Kroos; M. Asensio, K. Benzema, V. Junior.

22:26 a day ago

To the court

Both teams are already on the field to warm up before the start of the game.

22:21 a day ago


America and Real Madrid are already at the stadium, ready to play one more friendly game.

22:11 a day ago

America to raise

America haven’t had a good start in Liga MX so they will be looking for a good game today.

22:06 a day ago

seek revenge

Real Madrid’s last game was in the Clasico Espanol, so they will be looking for revenge in this duel and a win.

22:01 a day ago

Watch out for this

Many historic players have played for both teams, such as Iván Zamorano, Ruggeri, Hugo Sánchez, Santiago Solari, although the latter was a coach in America.

21:56 a day ago

Third time!

America will go all out for victory in this duel, the last times they faced each other they failed to win.

21:51 a day ago

No casualties!

America has no injuries, compared to its call list, to play the matches on American soil.

21:46 a day ago

We are back!

We’re back for minute-by-minute coverage of Real Madrid vs América. We will soon share the latest information and the compositions of the two teams.

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Pay attention to the statement

Former America manager Santiago Solari said before the match: “It will be entertaining because, being from different continents, it is not usual for them to face each other. The biggest team in the football history meets the most popular team in all of Central and North America. The field will be full for sure because of the support of Latinos for America in the United States. Personally, it will be very funny because I know most of them.

21:36 a day ago

Come back!

For this match, Ancelotti confirmed that Karim Benzema will be present and will also see some minutes of action in this friendly match.

21:31 a day ago

Meeting history

These teams have faced each other twice recently, the first in 2010 and the second in the 2016 Club World Cup, each time America lost to Real Madrid, the first time two goals to three and the second times two to zero.

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Stay tuned for the Real Madrid vs América live stream.

In a few moments, we’ll share with you the Real Madrid vs America starting line-ups live, as well as the latest news from Oracle Park Stadium. Stay tuned for up-to-the-minute live coverage of the match on VAVEL.

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How to Watch Real Madrid vs America Live Stream on TV and Online?

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What time is the Real Madrid vs America 2022 friendly match?

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US statements

Fernando Ortiz spoke before this important match: “It is normal that this happens in a team of such magnitude as America, it is normal, certain things are read that we are internally calm, we know this schedule, when we left the Xolos game I said it I don’t know any other way but to work we have an opportunity against León on Sunday it’s part I don’t apologize sometimes you play good and the player is responsible, now you played badly and I am responsible”.

“Well, it’s a team of international hierarchy, the same way we faced City and Chelsea, we will do the same, those who have the chance to face Madrid should take advantage of it. Those who play tomorrow and those who have been lucky in previous games are lucky, we want to show why we are the best team in Mexico”.

“Luis Fuentes has had it and we’ve been recommended to keep him under observation, we think we’ll see him until the weekend, we’re not going to risk it if we can play someone else. It could be , tomorrow the 11th which will start I will have a different vision, Jona could be, we will shoot, for sure, nothing to do with the League.”

“It’s a bit of everything, finding the balance for the minutes we want is the main thing, the experience, the fortune to fight against these teams, to try to start for young players, we try to ensure that everyone has that happiness. As I said, I believe that Mexican football needs more of that, the Libertadores, to give the teams more visibility, to go out and compete.” .

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Real Madrid Statements

21:01 a day ago

How will America arrive?

20:56 a day ago

How does Real Madrid arrive?

20:51 a day ago

The game will be played at Oracle Park Stadium.

The Real Madrid vs America match will be played at Oracle Park Stadium located in San Francisco, California. The stadium has a capacity of 41,915 people.

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