Granite State Fair appeals legal fight with Rochester to Supreme Court


ROCHESTER — A legal battle between the city and the organization that runs the Granite State Fair is heading to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

In a court order issued last month, the Superior Court granted the city’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the Rochester Agricultural and Mechanical Association (RAMA) seeking relief after the city’s zoning board ruled. rejected the group’s request to hold motor racing events at the Lafayette. Street fairgrounds at times other than during the fair.


Donald Whittum, solicitor for RAMA, which runs the fair, confirmed he had lodged an appeal with the High Court.

Rochester City Attorney Terence O’Rourke said recently that he has yet to receive the call.

The Superior Court upheld the city’s assertion that RAMA, the fair’s organizers, should have appealed the decision rather than seek redress in court. The court agreed, saying that since RAMA had not taken this action, the court had no jurisdiction over the complaint.

RAMA’s argument is that since motor racing events have been taking place on the fairgrounds for many years, the application should be grandfathered and should not require going through town councils to approval.