Hey Tom Cruise, it’s time for ‘Days of Thunder 2’ and the return of Cole Trickle


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  • We can’t be the only ones wishing Tom Cruise would reprise his role as Cole Trickle in a NASCAR Thunder days 2.
  • the original thunder days was released on June 27, 1990. It received much media attention and attracted significant technical support from NASCAR and its teams.
  • The film collected $160 million, more than three times its filming budget.

    As expected, Top Gun: Maverick was one of the best films of the summer.

    Tom Cruise has returned to his role as an elite fighter pilot from Superior gunthe original 1986 film. Both films were praised for their sensational action sequences.

    This begs the question: Could Cruise reprise his role as Cole Trickle in NASCAR? Superior gun counterfeit film thunder days? Could there be thunder days 2 or maybe thunder month?

    Motor racing fans and many moviegoers across the country will almost immediately shout “No!” to such a bold suggestion. Although visually impressive (the racing cars looked cool, as did Cruise and lover Nicole Kidman), thunder days was widely criticized for wild inaccuracies and ridiculously over-the-top track racing footage.

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    Tom Cruise, aka Cole Trickle, was a NASCAR winner for the ages in 1990.

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    The film was released on June 27, 1990. It received much media attention and attracted significant technical support from NASCAR and its teams. NASCAR made it possible to film racing at multiple tracks, and the film, enjoying the sizable appeal of a superstar like Cruise, introduced the sport to people who might otherwise have had little interest. ‘interest.

    Days of Thunder was basically Top Gun with cars instead of planes. The plot wasn’t a carbon copy but there were many similarities.

    Cruise plays Trickle, a rookie driver who arrives to stir the pot in NASCAR with the help of veteran crew chief Harry Hogge, played with his usual skill by the great Robert Duvall.

    Kidman plays a doctor who gets involved with Cruise. This is their first movie together, and their movie romance turned into an actual marriage (they later divorced).

    The cast also included John C. Reilly, Randy Quaid and Michael Rooker, who played Cruise’s rival on the track, Rowdy Burns. (This predates Rowdy, Kyle Busch of the modern era of NASCAR).


    When Cruise and the crews (the technicians wore Top Car caps, a nod to the movie Top Gun) arrived in Darlington, South Carolina, to film parts of the movie at Darlington Raceway, one of the legendary tracks from NASCAR, this part of the world was ablaze with Hollywood excitement for days. It was starstruck times 10.

    Around Darlington and nearby Florence, residents were on the lookout for sightings of Cruise. He – or someone who looked a lot like him – was seen several times, if you believe local reports.

    A 9-year-old boy excitedly told a reporter that his mother had seen Cruise. “And he had taken off his shirt!” he said. He didn’t know if his mother had fainted at the time.

    Cruise (or at least someone who could have been Cruise) was seen: refueling his car, eating at a local soul-food restaurant, cuddling Kidman at a local park, driving around Darlington Square.

    He was also seen by law enforcement radars. He got a ticket for driving 85 mph in a 55 mph zone.

    Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder

    You know Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise would love to bring the Mello Yello team back.

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    Top car, indeed.

    Despite being described by one reviewer as a “big, dumb testosterone factory”, the film survived in NASCAR lore. Some of the race car paint schemes used in the film – Mello Yello, Hardee’s and Exxon, for example – have been copied in real “retro” races over the years.

    The film collected $160 million, more than three times its filming budget.

    And it left fans with that classic line from Duvall (as Trickle’s crew chief): “And rubbing, son, is running.”

    tom cruise

    Bring back Cole Trickle!

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