History awaits as Scottie Scheffler attempts to complete richest season in PGA Tour history


If Scottie Scheffler wins the FedEx Cup playoffs this week at East Lake, he can finally afford this new car. You see, Scheffler drives a famous old SUV that’s done 200,000 miles. Although he is in such a financial situation that he obviously could have replaced the vehicle a long time ago, perhaps another $18 million in his bank account – capping the richest season in PGA history Tower – will be the last straw.

“When I’m home, I go golfing, I go to where I work out, and then if we go to dinner, it’s probably no more than 5 minutes from my house,” said Scheffler. weeks ago. “We usually take [my wife’s] car because she doesn’t want to get in mine. I wish I could put more miles on it. It would certainly improve the kind of story around the car, but I don’t really drive much when I’m at home.”


It’s a humorous nod to all that Scheffler has won in that standout season, a season in which he has retained the world No. 1 ranking for 22 consecutive weeks.

Scheffler, who has already earned just over $14 million this season, previously reset the regular season record for most revenue earned by a player before the FedEx Cup playoffs, eclipsing Jordan Spieth’s 2015 campaign. ($12 million). Scheffler deposited a sum just below that of Greg Norman career profit ($14.5 million) so far. This is the Greg Norman who both vied for the majors in the 1990s and more recently built a PGA Tour contender in an effort to deconstruct the organization he dominated for so long.

If Scheffler wins the FedEx Cup playoffs this weekend, he will do so by starting with two shots wide of the field at 10 under. The extra $18 million he could add to his regular season earnings — the biggest prize in FedEx Cup history — would push him to more than $32 million. That’s equal to Henrik Stenson’s entire career (not including FedEx Cup winnings), and that’s more than $9 million more than Rory McIlroy won in 2019 ($22.8 million) .

Of course, these are just numbers. And in a sea of ​​numbers – when money has never been so talked about on a professional level – they will likely be lost or perhaps even ignored. More importantly for Scheffler, they represent the type of year he has put together – arguably the best of the past five.

“I think I saw Scottie come in and do his interview yesterday and I’m sure he was asked what was going on, and he had one of the best seasons ever,” Justin said recently. Thomas. “I mean, the most money that’s ever been made and winning the FedEx Cup by a mile, and I’m sure there weren’t as many questions about it as there should have been. to have some.”

It’s fitting that Thomas is the one who discussed Scheffler’s golden campaign, as Thomas is part of a club Scheffler is trying to join. JT is the last golfer to lead the PGA Tour with more than five wins in a single year. In fact, there have only been six golfers since 1994 who have won five or more PGA Tour victories in a single campaign: Nick Price, Tiger Woods (eight times), Vijay Singh, Jason Day, Spieth and Thomas.

If Scheffler wins this weekend, he joins that group. Add to that the fact that Scheffler has won the Masters, a golf world championship, and events featuring four of the year’s top 12 courses – all while rising to No. 1 in the process – and it really is one of the great seasons in modern PGA Tour history.

Money can tell many different stories, and it has has told many different stories in the world of professional golf so far this season. For Scheffler, this represents a secure financial future but also an absolutely torrid recent past. One informs the other, of course.

While it’s doubtful Scheffler will replace that SUV anytime soon, the fact that he could easily buy 100 new SUVs — and more if he maintains his lead at East Lake this week for four straight days — means something good. most important. : that he was the best player on the planet for the whole year.