How to get a full body workout with Netflix


It’s official: Netflix isn’t just for relaxing anymore. You can now use Netflix to get a workout on those days when you can’t hit the gym or simply want to work off a sweat. Netflix has teamed up with the Nike Training Club to offer free bodyweight workouts to its subscribers.


With these videos, you can get a full body workout without using any expensive home equipment. You might want to use a yoga mat and core exercises or trainers for some HIT and strength training, but other than that, many of the workouts we reviewed are equipment-free.

How to find Nike Training Club workouts on Netflix

With so much talk about the dangers of binge watching, you might be happy to know that you can also use Netflix to stream a short workout before relaxing on the couch to watch a show after work.

The easiest way to find workouts is to log into your Netflix account and search for them Nike Training Club. Once you find a workout, you can stream it just like any other show on Netflix using whatever device you stream Netflix on, including your phone, tablet, computer, smart TV, or set-top box.

And just as you can download Netflix shows and movies, you can also download any of these workouts to your mobile device for offline use. Whether you’re traveling or the gym’s Wi-Fi is spotty, you can still follow your chosen workout.

Audio options include English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, and Brazilian Portuguese. Closed captioning appears to be limited to the English language at the time of writing.

The kinds of workouts you’ll find on Netflix

Fall in love with Vinyasa

Workouts range from seven to 30 minutes, including body weight exercises, core work, yoga flow, and cardio. They’re the Nike Training Club’s signature style, with clear instructions, a running timer, and a bright, simple studio setup.

At the time of writing, Nike Club Training on Netflix is ​​offering:

  • 10-Minute Workouts, 20-Minute Workouts, 30-Minute Workouts – choose your workout length from a selection of bodyweight circuits, yoga flows, and HIT workouts.
  • Body Weight Burning – Six to 30 minute workouts with some full body and some focused on a specific area such as cardio.
  • Falling in Love with Vinyasa – An introduction to the flow of Vinyasa yoga in 10 to 20 minute sessions. Depending on your floor, you may prefer to use a yoga mat.
  • High Intensity Training – A series of strength training, full body workouts from 10 to 22 minutes long to challenge your agility and build your strength or power.
  • Kickstart Fitness with the Basics – Full body or split upper and lower body workouts into 10 to 30 minute workouts. The workouts introduce some of the principles used in many other Nike Training Club workouts and can be a great place to start if you want to see if you enjoy this style of workout.
  • Two Weeks to a Stronger Core – A two-week program for training your core muscle groups with six to 20-minute workouts, including strength training, body weight and yoga flow.
  • Feel-Good Fitness – A 7- to 13-minute series of workouts including Pilates, Vinyasa yoga flows, bodyweight HIT circuits, and strength circuits. Some exercises are equipment-free using only your own body weight, while others involve using a pair of dumbbells or resistance bands.
  • HIT and Strength with Tara – Tara Nicholas leads a HIT-style bodyweight workout with strengthening moves using Every Muscle on the Minute (EMOM) format. You’ll find 10- and 30-minute workouts.

How does Netflix Workout compare to the Nike Training Club?

Workouts on Netflix feature the same trainers, minimalist studio set, and signature workout style as the Nike Training Club. Coaches provide clear energy signals without a lot of chatter. The countdown timer is always visible, which is motivating because a lot of the workouts include intervals.

While Netflix features some of the same workouts and coaches, the experience is a bit less personalized than you might get if you used the Nike Training Club app, which has a larger selection of workouts, programs, and schedules, and integration with features like native reminders.

The workout formats included with Netflix are also in the Nike Training Club, but the app has additional formats like sports-specific conditioning, dance conditioning, prenatal workouts, and more. What’s more, the iOS app records workouts to Apple’s native Health app, Apple Watch, and even Apple Music.

Netflix workouts are simply streaming video. However, these videos are convenient if you’re a Netflix subscriber and want exercise options without downloading another app.

Will Netflix be part of your wellness routine?

Nike Training Club workouts join Headspace’s Netflix meditation series and a host of health documentaries. The question might be whether you want to stream fitness content from a streaming entertainment platform.

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