How to hire new drivers in F1 Manager 2022



Here’s how to find, propose and sign new drivers or book drivers in F1 Manager 2022, as well as staff members.

An element of the The F1 Manager 2022 game from Frontier Developments that you must oversee is the signature of the drivers. Whether it’s finding replacements from the existing Formula 1 roster or scouting for new talent in the junior ranks, ensuring your driver pairing has the right balance of pure speed and performance potential is key. development.

So simply, here is a quick guide on how to sign a new driver, which can be undertaken before you even start your first race.

Visit the Drivers tab

In the main hub, once you’ve started or loaded a season, click or tap the menu “Drivers” area along the bottom menu bar.

F1 Manager 2022 - Drivers Tab

From there, select one of your three existing drivers. You must select a driver you wish to replace, as accepting a new driver contract via this method will change positions at the end.

Scout for replacement

Once an existing pilot has been selected, select the ‘Scout for Replacement’ option. Don’t worry, researching a driver beforehand isn’t essential here, but it would help to know a driver’s preferences in advance.

F1 Manager 2022 - Replace driver, search for replacement

Here you will see a large list of drivers currently on the F1 grid, acting as reserve drivers, racing in Formula 2 or Formula 3. This is the full list of drivers in F1 Manager 2022.

Select a new driver

Click or select a driver from the list, and a new page loads with their profile picture and stats.

F1 Manager 2022 - Driver List

Offer a contract

Here, if you wish, click on “Offer a contract” to immediately enter into negotiations.

From there, you must try to seduce the driver of your choice according to five criteria:

  • Cockpit – Either main pilot, second pilot or reserve pilot
  • The duration of the contract – Number of years in your team
  • Salary – Annual salary
  • Severance pay – Initial bonus cost you have to pay now
F1 Manager 2022 - Driver Contract Proposal Options

By default, a rough approximation of each of these settings is set for each driver, and you should adjust them to what you think is tempting and consider what your team can afford.

F1 Manager 2022 - Driver Information, Patience

There is also the following driver information that plays a role:

  • Patience – If it is high, they are more likely to repeat offers if necessary
  • negotiation attitude – If they are open, more likely to accept, if not, you better have a crazy offer
  • Moral – Current sentiment in their existing team

Offer contract

When you are ready with your selected options, select the “Offer a Contract” button. The potential new driver will then consider the offer.

F1 Manager 2022 - Contract Proposal Options

If they like it, you’ll sign them right away, but if they don’t, the five factors – driver position, contract length, salary and severance pay – will be flipped and color-coded with their opinion.

  • Orange – below expectations
  • Yellow – mediocre
  • Green – perfect
F1 Manager 2022 - Negotiation Failed 02

Not all items have to be green, a combination of green and yellow will most likely be accepted, but any orange is usually a rejected initial offer.

F1 Manager 2022 - Pilot contract accepted

If rejected, adjust the orange and yellow areas upwards and try again. Each failed attempt, however, depletes a driver’s patience rating. Too many failed attempts and you won’t be able to resubmit until later in the season.

To hire

If one of your offers is accepted, simply select the “Hire” button with the handshake icon. Remember that this will replace the initial existing driver you selected at the very beginning of this process. Work done.

F1 Manager 2022 - Driver Rental Button

As a last minute option, there is a “cancel proposal” option instead, just in case.

F1 Manager 2022 - Driver Lease Payments

Once you have selected the lease option, you will then pay the associated fees – the breach or buyout fee plus the severance bonus. Once confirmed, the driver is now yours.

F1 Manager 2022 - New Driver Successfully Hired

Reconnaissance pilots for the long term

If, however, you’re happy with your current team, but have your eye on the future, visit the ‘Pilots’ tab again and instead of selecting a pilot, choose the ‘Recon Pilots’ option.

F1 Manager 2022 - Scout Driver

The same list of drivers will appear. Select the one you are interested in and there are two options for screening:

  • standard scouting
  • Detailed recognition
F1 Manager 2022 - Scout driver, Arthur Leclerc

Detailed takes longer, but provides – over email – more accurate information, which increases the chances of a driver accepting your offer.

F1 Manager 2022 - Recce Driver Time Options

Scouts will also sometimes send you an email about an interesting prospect that you haven’t asked for but that they recommend.

F1 Manager 2022 - Scouting Driver Info, Email Inbox

Hiring new team members

It’s not only drivers you can hire in F1 Manager 2022, but also key team personnel.

F1 Manager 2022 - hiring team members

The process is largely the same as hiring a driver. Visit the ‘Staff’ tab of the main home menu, select an existing team member, choose ‘Scout for Replacement’ and browse through a list.

F1 Manager 2022 - hiring technical manager

Once you have selected a potential replacement candidate, you enter the same negotiation process as a driver, but with only three options:

  • The duration of the contract
  • Salary
  • Severance pay
F1 Manager 2022 - new staff team member signed

If all goes well, you’ll have a team member with higher stats than your existing tole-filler, and that helps with car development.