Hydrow’s new circuit workouts make sprint sessions easier

Fitness is always top of mind this time of year, as many athletes begin to adjust their disciplines and many casual exercisers recommit as part of their New Year’s resolutions. Part of the process is finding an exercise regimen that delivers results without overburdening your body to the point of discomfort — or throwing out your schedule with long sessions at the gym or on a home treadmill.


Rowing has long been a popular method of choice for these needs, thanks to its full-body experience that’s less stressful on your joints than many alternatives. Rowing sessions can also pack a host of cardiovascular and endurance benefits into quick sessions, making jumping in for a workout during your lunch break an easier and more accessible feat to achieve. However, this activity can start to fizzle out if you don’t mix intensity with distance, and for those who want more muscle-building opportunities, you’re often left looking for other options.


Hydrow, which makes some of the best home rowing machines, recently unveiled a new workout system via the brand’s live and on-demand library that could be the answer for those wanting more from their training in 2023. All-new circuit training units combine the benefits of low-impact and heavy indoor rowing cardio combined with strength-training motions to create a fast, energetic, and fun session.

Here’s what you can expect from all-new training methods delivered through the brand’s library of live and on-demand workouts.


Circuit training uses intervals to create time-saving sweat sessions

Hydrow’s three new workouts are designed to mimic high-intensity interval training (HIIT), with the primary focus on strength training. According to the brand, the workouts will use both dumbbell- and body-weight-loaded moves with lunges of rowing in between. The exercises will follow As many reps as possible (AMRAP) or every minute per minute (EMOM) to help make the sessions engaging and entertaining.

These time-saving training regimens can bring a number of benefits to your fitness journey including increased strength and muscular endurance, heart health, improved mood, and fat loss. Plus, completing these all-new circuits on Hydrow’s companion platform will net you a rewarding bit of hardware, too – the brand has even created a special edition badge for those who complete any of the three available workouts.

Someone who uses water circuit training


Hydrow Circuit Training welcomes a new face to its roster of trainers

There’s just something comforting about following along with a trusted coach when taking your workouts into the digital realm, and Hydrow’s lineup of impressive athletes is full of emerging personalities that can keep sessions fresh and interesting. The all-new track training units will be led by two of Hydrow’s top athletes, including two-time Olympian and Hydrow head strength and movement specialist, Pete Donohoe.

The other trainer, Rena Thomas, is quite new to the Hydrow family. According to Hydrow, the mom and marine veteran will empower you to fall in love with your fitness journey and help you build the confidence to challenge yourself in new and exciting ways. “

How to participate in Hydrow Circuit training

According to the brand, the new three circuit training units are now available on Hydrow rowers. Simply filter your workout type by Circuit and unlock this all-new entertaining way to stay fit and on track as the New Year approaches.

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