I’ve always played a premium ball but now I’ve decided to change… Here’s why


We all adopt different strategies when it comes to the golf ball we play, ranging from “whatever I can find” to “only what the pros on the tour play.” Until not too long ago, I would have placed myself quite firmly in the latter camp. But things are changing – I’m getting older and ball technology has advanced. Although I have played with a handicap between 5 and 7 for a quarter of a century, I have never had the chance to have swing speed on the circuit and certainly not now as the big 6-0 is approaching more and more.

Realistically, like many others, I don’t swing it fast enough to reap all the performance benefits of the best tour-caliber premium balls in the long game, while simultaneously seeking and relying on game feel court and control of their multi-layered constructions and urethane coatings. Until relatively recently, this combination meant a bit of a compromise one way or the other for those with swing speeds below the tour, but, simply put, if I can’t play on and around the greens , I have little chance of playing with a handicap. , therefore leaning towards touring balls for their short game advantages.

Tour-caliber balls have long offered the best in feel and control around the greens

(Image credit: Howard Boylan)