Jayson Tatum’s Basketball Camp Has Everyone Talking


Jayson Tatum’s basketball camp is officially underway, and so far we’ve had some blocked shots, requests for Duece’s appearance, and some very thoughtful responses during media availability.

Before we watch Tatum’s talks with the press, let’s start with the fun stuff like the St. Louis native doing his best Robert Williams impression by sending a young fan’s shot flying through the crowd.


Ok, fair is fair, you took a hit on an All-NBA talent, and it got blocked – what are you waiting for? And more importantly, do you really care? Because you have to try your luck against Jayson Tatum, and that alone is worth the entry fee!

Still, the event didn’t all turn in Tatum’s favor as some kids managed to score on him – and I bet that’s what led to him blocking the shot above so hard. You gotta save face where you can, right?

And while we’re on the subject of kids, check out this young fan who had the opportunity to ask Tatum anything he wanted…and he chose to ask to meet Duece! I mean, Tatum always said his mini-me was the biggest star, but this might be the first time we’ve seen it on video.

“I always love doing these camps, just to see the excitement on their faces when I arrive. It’s just extremely pure, and it’s just for fun, and I think that’s the best part. “, Tatum said.

Ok, enough fun stuff! Now we can get into the basketball side of things, and it all starts with the All-Star wing talking about how he stayed in touch with his teammates throughout the summer.

“We’ve all been in touch, we just checked on each other, to see how they were doing. Everyone is traveling with family and business right now, but probably next month guys will start heading back to the gym. Some of us might be in LA together and we’ll practice, stuff like that,” Tatum told reporters when asked about his communication with the team throughout the summer.

Tatum was also asked about team chemistry – something the Celtics have struggled to create in recent seasons with mixed results. And with all the current trade rumors floating around, it will be interesting to see how that chemistry holds up next season. But for now, the 24-year-old winger remains confident in his team’s collective mindset, and that’s encouraging as we continue to edge closer to training camp.

‚ÄúChemistry is half the battle. I feel like we can have a great team with a lot of talent, and not necessarily together. You saw we figured it out in January and never looked back…it’s a little different knowing that we’ve come to a certain point and been so close. And we’re excited to get back to that, to get back to the band, because we have unfinished business.

Tatum also opened up about the nagging shoulder injury he suffered in the Miami Heat series, giving an encouraging update that will have Celtics fans everywhere breathing a sigh of relief.

“It was a longer season than ever, but the shoulder feels good, I have enough rest, so my body feels really good,” Tatum said, “You know what works for you, what you may need to change, whether it’s something in your bodybuilding program or your diet, so I think just by going through things and having that experience, you learn from it.

Last week may have been filled with trade rumors and worries about Jaylen Brown’s future with the franchise, but Tatum’s camp and what he said to the psychic is a good reminder that this Celtics team is the real deal – they’re very united, looking to improve last season, have improved their depth and, most importantly, they’re loving their time in the league.

When things are fun, success is often easier, and judging by all the videos coming out of camp, there was no sad face to be seen on any level – and that’s what the basketball, in its purest form – sometimes it’s good to remember.