Juhann Begarin shows progress, Celtics lose Summer League final to Nets 102-95


To wrap up their Summer League stint, Summer League side Boston Celtics fell to the Brooklyn Nets 102-95. The Celtics looked great in the first half, but eventually ran out of gas in the second and couldn’t complete the comeback in the fourth quarter.

Juhann Begarin was excellent to start, netting seven points and demonstrating an ability to dribble plus catch and shoot for the developing three-tier goalscorer. Begarin was active in finding his teammates and throwing the majority of the action.


Begarin’s defensive performance was also welcoming. He recorded a steal after completing a pass and scored in transition. He was the best player on the floor for the first seven minutes, a floor that included league leading scorer Cam Thomas. After struggling at times in Vegas, Begarin showed his athleticism and used that athleticism to play well at both ends of the court.

After the all-around start, the Celtics let the Nets back into the game. Brooklyn’s Day’Ron Sharpe and Kessler Edwards combined for 11 points to lead the Nets to a 23-22 first-quarter lead.

Begarin stopped the bleeding by jumping a passing lane and finishing in transition for an and-1. The following game, he made contact and followed up on free throws to make it 30-23.

Begarin had 14 points and was 5-5 from the field with 7:50 left in the quarter. Mfiondu Kabengele was also a great start and continued his solid run in Vegas, scoring 9 points and registering 2 rebounds and 2 blocks with 7:21 to go. The two hyper-athletic Celtics combined for 23 points on 9-12 shooting. Outside of halftime, it was Kabengele’s turn – he drained a 3-pointer.

JD Davison
Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Once again, JD Davison was rolling and distributing, registering 9 assists and 9 points midway through the third quarter. Trevion Williams also provided important minutes in the third quarter, scoring on a second chance and delivering his patented overhead pass for a Davison layup.

Despite good quarterly performances from Davison and Williams, Brooklyn held a 72-69 lead with one quarter remaining after beating the Celtics 26-17 in the third quarter.

Led by Begarin, Davison and Kabengele, the Celtics nearly completed the comeback in the fourth quarter but ultimately fell in their final Summer League 102-95 to the Nets.

JD Davison and Trevion Williams controlled the pace

Davison was key to the success of the Summer League transition, sending the ball upfield to find open teammates to catch and shoot 3-pointers. All the while, Davison showed his finishing ability with speed. His athleticism and decision-making propelled the Celtics through Vegas.

In the frontcourt, Trevion Williams helped facilitate the attack through the high post. He featured back-to-the-basket hook finishes and perimeter-fed shooters.

Progress of Juhann Begarin

Begarin is incredibly athletic. He didn’t let a bad outing at the start of the Summer League affect him and he showed his scoring ability at 3 levels in that last game against Brooklyn.

When he wasn’t putting the ball in the basket, Begarin impacted the game in a variety of ways, playing aggressive on and off ball defense and getting some solid rebounds.

Begarin continued to be aggressive, using both strength and footwork to score, and he finished with 25 points against Brooklyn. Despite the high expectations, Begarin was still able to leave Vegas with one important thing: progress.