July 8, 2022 (ARCA Menards series)


Mid-Ohio ARCA Race Results

Today, the ARCA Menards series lands in Lexington, Ohio. It’s the Dawn 150 on the 2,258-mile, 13-turn Mid-Ohio road course. The rain fell just in front of the green but the rain tires are installed and let’s go for the race!

See the Mid-Ohio results for the ARCA Menards series below.


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John Hunter Nemechek and Sammy Smith occupy the front row. 42 laps of road racing are ahead…

Mid Ohio
Race report

Green flag, Nemechek is clear by 5 car lengths at the first corner. Parker Chase takes 2nd place. Several cars turn deeper into the field.

Casey Carden is stalled on the track, caution.

Green, Nemechek leads them into the first corner. Parker Chase spins the tires and Nick Sanchez takes 2nd place.

Lap 5, Rajah Caruth slips Nick Sanchez for 2nd in the first corner. He drops a wheel from the corner but still completes the pass.

Penalty: Jesse Love is serving an overtaking penalty for changing lanes before the start line on the last restart. Love drops to 7th as he exits the pit lane.

Lap 7, Nick Sanchez is off the track in the first corner. He falls 6th.

Lap 8, Rajah Caruth is closing in on the leader. However, it pushes too hard and spins. Nemechek now leads Caruth by 13 seconds after that error.

Lap 11, Rajah Crauth spun and fell to 6th.

Lap 12, Parker Chase comes out of the first corner. He does a 360 and takes 2nd place. Nemechek leads by 23 seconds, the gap was only 12 seconds before the spin.

Lap 20, race leader John Hunter Nemchek carries Grag Van Alst’s lap car. He keeps rolling and holds the lead.

Lap 22, Daniel Dye drives him on the beach, no caution.

Race break

Lap 22, the race break warning came out. Caruth, Chase and Sanchez install new slicks. Nemechek puts on a new set of rain tires.

Green, Nemechek leads into the first corner. Sammy Smith works on the outside of Chase for 2nd into the first turn. Nick Sanchez and Rajah Caruth make contact, Caruth is off track and drops to 7th.

18 to go, Nemececk is ahead of Sammy Smith by one car length. Both cars are on rain tyres.

14 to go, Nemechek struggles with Amber Balcean’s lap car out of the first corner. Sammy Smith has a race and takes the lead!

13 to go, Nemechek is back in the lead. Nick Sanchez is 5th, the first car with slick tires but he is 9 seconds behind the leader.

12 to go, Sammy Smith works inside Nemechek, light contact and Smith takes the lead. Sammy Smith drives him deep into the corner, he spins and Nemechek comes back on top as Smith is gone on the grass.

11 to go, Nick Sanchez is 3rd. He trails the leader by just 1.4 seconds.

10 to go

10 to go, Sanchez is down to 2nd. Sanchez has a run in turn two, he dives on the inside and just passes it. Nick Sanchez takes the lead!

8 to go, Colby Howard stalls on the track, caution.

Most of the peloton hit the pit lane for some cool slicks. 4 cars stay away, Kris Wright takes the lead.

Green, Wright and Chase even run into the first corner. Kris Wright leads the second corner.

4 to go, Jesse Love collided with John Hunter Nemechek in Turn 3. Both cars spun, no warning.

Penalty: Nick Sanchez and Rajah Caruth sit in pit lane as they change from slicks to slicks which is not allowed. Officials hold them for a lap.

3 to go, Taylor Gray gates Kris Wright, Gray takes the lead.

1 to go, Parker Chase leads John Hunter Nemechek, no bail.

Taylor Gray wins at Mid-Ohio!

Middle Ohio Results
July 8, 2022
ARCA Ménards Series

Pos | Driver

1. Gray Taylor
2. Parker Chase
3. Samy Smith
4. John Hunter Nemechek
5. Jesse Love
6. Kris Wright
7. Stanton Barrett
8. Daniel Tincture
9. Rajah Caruth
10. Dale Quarterley
11. Nick Sanchez
12. Grag Van Alst
13. Toni Bredinger
14. Arnout Kok
15. Balcean Amber
16. Dr. Ed Bull
17. Colby Howard
18. Blaine Perkins
19. Rita Thomasson
20. Tony Cosentino
21. D. L. Wilson
22. Brad Smith
23. Jack Wood
24. With Nicolopoulos
25. Casey Carden

ARCA Ménards Series
Points Ranking

Pos | Driver | Points

1. Rajah Caruth

2. Nick Sanchez

3. Daniel Tincture

4. Toni Breidinger

5. Grag Van Alst

6. Amber Balcaen

7.Brad Smith

8. Zachary Tinkle

9. Samy Smith

10. D. L. Wilson


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