Lando Norris no longer allows ‘crappy work’ to be done in his mind: PlanetF1


Lando Norris has explained that he’s moved on from being caught up in thought after doing a “crappy job”.

Norris is only 22 years old, which makes him one of the youngest drivers on the Formula 1 grid, yet he is already very experienced in the series.


The Briton is now in his fourth season in Formula 1, all those having been spent with the McLaren team after rising through the junior ranks.

Norris made no effort to hide the mental struggles he went through early in his career, often doubting his own abilities and whether he was a Formula 1-caliber driver.

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He would also let instances of underperformance weigh him down, but Norris says he has now found a much better balance between his Formula 1 and his private life.

“Now I feel a bit more comfortable,” Norris told “I feel like I’m performing very well, I deliver when I need to. I’m comfortable on the track.

“But I’m also able to live a good life, and I can relax when I’m away from Formula 1, and not just think ‘what should I do for next time, because ‘I’ did a shitty job here” or whatever, which is just a little more what I was a few years ago.

“You just think, ‘Why did I do badly there? Why am I not good enough in this position? and constantly thinking about it. You don’t feel able to relax.

“While now I feel like I have Formula 1, I’m doing everything I can and efficiently to do the best I can in this area. But then I can also live a life away from that.

Before the start of the 2022 campaign, Norris signed an exceptional multi-year contract with McLaren, committing him to the team until the end of 2025.

Some have questioned his decision, but Norris himself has no regrets and is optimistic about McLaren’s future.

In 2024, he hopes McLaren will have everything in place to start challenging Formula 1’s top teams.

“It’s not that all is not [good] now, but a new wind tunnel and some other projects we have with the team coming in, which hopefully will give us better performance by 24 and 25, I’m looking forward to those times as well,” said he declared.

“We might not just go out and win, but I want to convince myself that it will definitely help us go in that direction.

“There are so many good things we do as a team that I sometimes see us doing better than some of the top teams. It’s just that sometimes you don’t have the car that can show it, if that makes sense.

“I’m happy. I also feel like I made a good decision being here for so long. I’m enjoying it, that’s the most important thing for me.

“Every year I’m always excited to see what the future holds because I’m almost more and more optimistic about where we can end up in a few years.”

Lando Norris will win races if McLaren delivers the required car

Now feeling much more confident in himself, this was reflected on the track for Norris who established himself as the team boss at McLaren, comfortably taking the upper hand over his more experienced team-mate Daniel Ricciardo.

Norris has already made himself a nuisance to the top established teams before, challenging for pole on several occasions and achieving that goal at the Russian Grand Prix in 2021, where he led the race until a late heavy downpour on surprise, relative inexperience of this situation perhaps showing that he declined the opportunity to switch to intermediate tires.

But, if McLaren provides the mechanics to put Norris in the conversation for wins, it would be hard to argue with his ability to deliver.

And McLaren hope better to produce a Formula 1 challenger of that level from 2024, or they could just find that Norris is being poached by a team that can after 2025.