Luke Worthington super home workout

Luke Worthington shares his super workout (Images: Supplied/Getty)

It’s never too late to start a New Year’s resolution — although, as sports scientist and personal trainer Luke Worthington says, “fitness challenges and boot camps aren’t sustainable.”


“It might be possible to achieve six workouts a week in January, but then people have lives and commitments, and holidays and kids get in the way,” he adds. When you have a system that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, people tend to take an “all or nothing” approach. If they miss a workout or two, they feel like they’re not following through on plan and stop.


So how do you work smarter, not harder?

Luke suggests using supersets (two exercises in a row) and triple sets (three exercises in a row) in small circuits.

The sessions he designed also invoke the mechanism of vascular shunting, i.e. working forcefully on one area of ​​the body, such as the lower extremities, so that blood flow increases, then immediately migrates to a different area in the next group, such as the chest and extremities. arms. This improves the performance of the cardio system and increases calorie burning.

Want to give it a whirl? Luke offers a super mini workout to try based on the venous shunt phenomenon.

This should take 20 minutes and you should go straight from one exercise to the next, resting for 60 seconds after each completed cycle. After repeating the entire circuit three times, rest for 90 seconds and move on to the next circuit.

Superset 1

Squat Cup

Squat Cup

Squat Cup (Image: Supplied)

This type of squat works the entire lower body, with an emphasis on the thighs and buttocks. Perform eight reps.

How do: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a dumbbell in your hands directly in front of your chest, and begin a squat by drawing your hips down toward the floor, thinking about keeping your knees apart and sitting between your heels rather than behind them.



TRX Row (Photo: Supplied)

This works the upper back and core and is great for posture. Perform ten reps.

How do: Hold the TRX handlebars with one handle in each hand, and step away from the pivot until the arms are straight and there is tension in the straps. Lean back, walking your feet back toward the pivot until your body is at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Pull yourself toward the handles, aiming for your thumbs to flush with your lower ribs. Be sure to keep your shoulder blades pulled down, and your abdominal muscles engaged.

Superset 2

Squat split to stand

Squat split to stand

Squat split to stand (photo: fitted)

This works the entire lower body, with an emphasis on the glutes. Perform eight reps.

How do: Take a half-kneeling position with 90-degree bends in both knees, and the toes of the back foot should be tucked under so the ball of the foot is flat on the floor. Press into the floor evenly with both feet so that you come up in a split position. Your body should go straight up in a straight line and you should try to keep your hips facing straight forward.

Banded facelift

Banded facelift

Banded facelift (Image: Supplied)

For the upper back and back of the shoulder, perform ten reps. It will also help reverse rounded shoulders.

How do: Attach a resistance band to a stand or stable object at about eye level. Hold the free end of the tape with both hands roughly shoulder-width apart. Pull the tape straight toward you, keeping it at eye level. You should aim to keep the elbows higher than the shoulders, and try to pull the thumbs behind the ears.

Superset 3

Hamstring bridge

Gluteal bridge

Gluteal bridge (Image: Supplied)

An effective exercise for working the hamstrings (back of the thighs) and glutes (buttocks). Perform eight reps.

How do: Lie on your back on the floor, heels resting on a bench, stairs, or box. Your goal should be to bend 90 degrees at the hips and knees. Lift your hips toward the ceiling by pulling your heels down through the box. Use your abdominal muscles to maintain a straight line with your body as you lift.

lowers the leg

lowers the leg

Lower leg (photo: attached)

This works the lower abdomen. Perform eight reps.

How do: Lie on your back on a bench. Hold the bench with your hands directly behind your head, your hips should be as close as possible to the end of the bench. Press a foam roller or rolled towel into the back of your knees to engage your hamstrings. Pull your knees toward the elbows, using your lower abdomen, and slowly lower your legs until you make a straight line from your knee, though your hips, to your shoulders—ensuring that the roller is still pressed behind your knees.

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