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If you’re feeling unmotivated this New Year, fear not because we have a great workout that requires no equipment. Celebrity trainer for Victoria’s Secret Model, Martha Hunt and founder of the international brand Barre & Pilates, Extend PreAnd Andrea Rogersshared with Hollywood Live Exclusively A full body exercise that you can do just in a chair.


Andrea’s full-body exercise can be performed using a chair, stool, or work surface.

1. Rest: Releve is a movement where your heels are together with each other – raise and lower your heels in this position 16 times.

2. Pleats: Turn your foot outward and flex both legs, flapping for 16 counts.

3. Pleats on Rest: This is an advanced lunge performed on your toes with your heels up. Pulse 16 times.

4. Pose folds II: Step feet wider than hips, flexing and extending both legs eight times.

5. Second Pulse Position: Hold the second plie position and pulse 16 times.

Acknowledging that taking breaks between work is essential, and taking some breaks as you move your body, Andrea suggests, “Stand behind your chair, and use it for support like a crossbar. First position — heels together, toes apart, triangle shape, knees bent (tuck) ) and start pulsing. To progress, lift your heels off the floor (nip) and keep pulsing.”

Martha Hunt
Martha Hunt. (Christine Callahan/ACE Images/Shutterstock)

“Do you like to sculpt and stretch during your quick break?” Andrea shared, “Start kneeling on all 4s (four-legged plank), hold this for 4 counts, then lift down to do dog stretch for 4 counts; repeat; progress to a flowing pace.”

Andrea also shared a full body workout that you can follow below.

The second position – feet wider than hips open, turned outward
Plie/Tendu – bend both legs, toe raise (alternating sides)

Standing push-ups:
“Standing with palms rotated inward, pressed against a counter, handrail, or wall, and begin the wide elbow press—do two sets of 8, followed by a standing pushup for eight counts. Then you do a wide elbow pushup with small micro-flexes—do Do 2 sets of 8.

Ground weapons:
Tricep Dips – 1 set of 8 slow, 2 sets of 8 beats
Quadruple Plank (every 4s) – Lift Down Dog 8 slow, rhythm 8
Quad Plank and Pulse Holds – 1 set of 8 in

For more easy and effective workouts, Andrea suggests, “Xtend Barre is a quick and effective way to sculpt your entire body even from the comfort of your own home. It requires little to no equipment, grab a sturdy chair, high chair, or countertop and get sculpting!” All Xtend Barre Workouts plus XB Pilates on the Openfit App We even offer Xtend Barre Classes LIVE!

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