MaxiClimber has improved your cardio routine

The best high intensity home workout equipment

With the vertical climber a few feet away from me, I now have no excuse to skip warm-ups. All I have to do is put on my gym clothes and hop on the machine. And while I enjoy walking, pilates, cycling, and other types of cardio, this is perfect for a full-body workout on those rainy days when you can’t get outside your house (or on perfectly normal days when you don’t want to spend money on a trendy cycling class).


How to use MaxiClimber

This machine took me about 15-25 minutes to install (it comes 90 percent pre-assembled), but if you don’t feel like putting it together yourself—and have $120 to spare—you can include the expert kit in your Amazon order.


The first thing I noticed about the climber is its ease of use. To mount the unit, all I had to do was step my feet on the pedals and grab the handles to start the climb.

However, the first time I tried it, I was only able to work it out for about 10 minutes. While it was easy to use, I didn’t realize I would have to rely on my own body weight for resistance. Not being able to add extra weights, as found with traditional gym equipment, made me feel like I wasn’t training properly. But with a few weeks of climbing (and a good playlist), I got used to it quickly.

Since the instructions offered so little how-to information, I had a fitness instructor friend visit my place to check out the MaxiClimber and help me correct my form while using it. He suggested I try to keep my back straight before starting the exercise and make sure my feet are facing straight up on the pedals.

I was surprised to learn that he actually liked the fitness tool and was impressed with how it gave users a full body workout experience. “You don’t have to work muscle by muscle. You’re working four muscles at the same time—arms, back, biceps, and legs,” he said. He also told me that even just 10 minutes on the MaxiClimber can help optimize your workout schedule.

Courtesy Jani Espinal

The climber is height adjustable, so you can easily customize the machine to your size (up to 6’2″). The grips can also be adjusted to fit your arm length, but I found removing them a little tricky.

The device also features a screen that displays exercise time and steps accumulated. If you want to track calories like me, all you have to do is press the button four times to reveal your results.

You can target multiple muscle areas

While the MaxiClimber is intended to simulate a vertical climb, the machine can also help you work your glutes, arms and legs. You can easily target your biceps by holding the handles with your hands facing you. Normally, I would need a set of dumbbells to get this done.

Another way to maximize the use of this machine is to complete a more traditional routine. You can perform a simple exercise by placing both hands on the stationary handles and targeting the movement in your legs.

These two exercises may be easy to perform, but I found that my heart rate increased after only 15 minutes of exercise. But while I love the convenience of targeting different muscles with just one device, I still wish it had the function of adding more weight for an extra boost.

The MaxiClimber is easy to store

Based on my experience, this high intensity exercise equipment is a great choice if you live in a small home. At first, I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough space the MaxiClimber needed to set up, but I was happy to discover that it didn’t take up much space. I keep it stored in the corner of my small apartment, and when I want it out of sight, it fits perfectly under my bed.

The device can be easily folded with just a few extra steps. You just need to remove the safety pin and lift the middle bar until it is set between the double front bars in a vertical position. Once the machine is parallel to the ground, you can put the safety pin back in to secure it.

I actually see results

After about five weeks of continuous exercise, I definitely noticed my muscles strengthening. My arms felt stronger after just two weeks, and my muscles started to appear more toned since I increased my usage time to about three times a week. Even after just five minutes of exercise, I feel like my body is getting a full workout, which is something I can’t say about most gym equipment or classes. Based on its fit, user-friendly design, and affordability (under $200), I’d say the MaxiClimber is worth it—exactly what I need to complete my fitness goals for 2023.

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