NBA Draft Buzz 2022: Latest Details on Top Prospects and VIP Lottery Teams | Launderer’s report


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    We’re just days away from the 2022 NBA Draft, which means teams are talking, rumors are spreading, and information is being exchanged.


    There’s still a lot of talk about who the Orlando Magic will take with the No. 1 overall pick. New questions about Chet Holmgren have also been raised.

    Trades are also being discussed, starting with the Sacramento Kings at No. 4.

    It’s not common to hear anything concrete before draft week, so the next few days should include a lot more gossip.

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    Since lottery night, rival teams have widely predicted that the Orlando Magic would favor Jabari Smith at No. 1. However, over the past week, we’ve heard the Magic are doing their homework on Chet Holmgren. The idea of ​​Orlando considering it caught on.

    Smith also worked for the Oklahoma City Thunder and spent several days with them. This suggests that the magic gave her no assurance of recruiting him first.

    Smith also trained in Orlando.

    There have also been questions about Holmgren’s willingness to take an NBA physical and heart test. It’s unclear if he’s planning or only has specific teams, but the idea that he’s trying to work his way towards (or away from) certain teams is there.

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    Teams don’t expect Bennedict Mathurin to overtake the New Orleans Pelicans at No. 8. Most people in the league think he’ll be out by then at the latest.

    Strong and explosive with a height of 6’6″ (in shoes) and a soft shot, Mathurin probably looks great in a training setting. He’s more proven than Shaedon Sharpe, much more athletic than AJ Griffin and the most dangerous goalscorer/shooter compared to Dyson Daniels.

    The Sacramento Kings, Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers and Portland Trail Blazers could all consider Mathurin a 2/3 position contender. Its range looks like numbers 4-7.

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    With Keegan Murray, Dyson Daniels and Bennedict Mathurin seemingly locked in the top eight, AJ Griffin would be vulnerable to slipping.

    Even though Shaedon Sharpe has never played a minute at Kentucky, most assume he offers too many advantages to teams to pass them into the 6-10 number range.

    Meanwhile, not everyone bought Griffin offering more than shooting. In 39 games at Duke, he had 38 assists, 20 steals and 53 free throw attempts. This raised questions about his lack of splintered, heavier feet to create, blast or defend.

    While we haven’t heard of Griffin’s medicals raising red flags, his high school injury history is widely known. Griffin being on the board when the New York Knicks pick at No. 11 seems possible.

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    Some believe Ousmane Dieng is considered by lottery teams, and even a few in the top 10.

    It’s considered a high-risk, high-reward pick, so believers may see an attractive edge in a lineup where most prospects project themselves as players.

    Dieng’s idea, a 6’9″ wing with guarding skills, has always been more compelling than his production. But in the second half of his NBL season, he chained a scoring impression and to make shots, which led to optimism about its development.

    Looks like the first Dieng could go to the New Orleans Pelicans at No. 8 or the San Antonio Spurs at No. 9.

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    Teams expect the Sacramento Kings to discuss trades until they’re on the clock at No. 4.

    At this point, the price of the No. 4 pick is presumed to be high, although it is normally days before the draft. This price is likely to drop as we get closer to 8 p.m. Thursday.

    While Jaden Ivey is widely considered the fourth-best prospect in the draft, teams also say they never expect anything when it comes to Sacramento. Shaedon Sharpe is considered a dormant option if the Kings stay put, although Keegan Murray is also presumed to gain consideration.

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    – Rival teams continue to believe Jaden Ivey is a dormant pick at No. 2 for the Oklahoma City Thunder, especially if Jabari Smith goes first. Although Holmgren is considered at No. 1, scouts still seem to be split on nerves about his body and the limited creation for a top pick. No one seems hesitant when it comes to Ivey. He wouldn’t be an ideal candidate for an OKC squad that already has Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Josh Giddey, so the belief that he’s an option at No. 2 may have more to do with a certain lack of trust in Holmgren.

    – Jake LaRavia was invited back for several seconds of practice. The assumption is that he goes somewhere in the 20s. The general consensus is that he is a highly skilled and intelligent forward whose versatility ticks the right boxes in today’s NBA.

    – Andrew Nembhard could sneak into the 20s after winning teams during the NBA combine. Although it was only a single scrum, he easily outplayed second-round prospects with more freedom than he had in Gonzaga.

    – A shared belief has Johnny Davis’ draft floor at No. 10. Most expect the Washington Wizards to take him if he’s on the board and there’s no other surprise faller.

    – Scouts expect writing teams in the teens and 20s to make their picks available. Next year’s draft is expected to be one of the best in recent memory, so some non-lottery teams could scrap their 2022 picks entirely if they can add another first-rounder next year.

    – It is assumed that Dalen Terry will be a first-round pick, with word spreading about him easing concerns about his shooting numbers during practices. At 6’7″ with a wingspan of almost 7’1″, he is a unique player considering that he played point guard and defends on the wings. Once the big names are out of the picture, being unique could have extra value in this draft.