No-equipment home workout to give you a boost on dark days

As the hours return and the weather gets worse, many of us will take advantage of hybrid work patterns and staying indoors more. And with COVID-19 closing in on a waning memory, we no longer get bored with home workouts and can take advantage of a range of exercises to beat lethargy.


Carrie Baxter, Level 3 Fitness Instructor at Fitness App with you (Opens in a new tab), recommends HIIT home workouts: “Think short periods of dynamic exercise followed by a short rest period, and then come back up again, on repeat,” she says. “Your heart rate will go up, and you’ll be working harder, but for maximum benefit. HIIT workouts are ideal for people who are short on time and who want to maximize their workout time. They can be done with minimal equipment, in relatively small spaces like the living room.” They are also interchangeable, which means you can either work the whole body or isolate the major muscle groups you want to develop.


Home workout without equipment

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