On Twitter, Kevin Durant explains how his trade request fits into larger issues, from fandom to the ABC


In a Twitter chat that ran from Monday evening to Tuesday morning, Kevin Durant and the reporter Tommy Beer talked about a lot of things related to the NBA, including what information fans are entitled to, the upcoming collective bargaining agreement, and where his trade request fits into it all.

There wasn’t much news in the exchange and KD didn’t specifically acknowledge the request, but it was certainly implied in the conversation. It was particularly illuminating in the context of how his request — apparently coming hours before his four-year, $198 million deal began — could be a factor in the CBA talks. Durant even suggested that fans and the media want to see a lockout on superstars including him, James Harden and Ben Simmons wanting to quit the teams after signing big contracts, a point Beer disputed. (Team owners and the players’ union have until Dec. 15 to decide whether to open negotiations this season or wait a year. Either side can call talks.)


The back-and-forth began with his previously reported retort to speculation that he could retire. Beer took the opportunity to ask KD about other unresolved issues. H/T to Hoopshype for curation.

After a Queens fan suggested KD wouldn’t talk about details of his trade request, relationship with Kyrie, possible rejection, etc., and suggested he was a hypocrite, Durant answered as he often does, directly. ..

On Tuesday morning, Beer took over the conversation by asking what fans are entitled to…

Seeing an opening, Beer asked if he wanted to be quoted about it by the owners in the next ABC…

Durant seemingly dismissed the NBA owners’ financial concerns, saying “NBA owners are eating very well,” an apparent reference to the value of NBA franchises. (Mikhail Prokhorov made an estimated $2 billion profit on his 10-year investment in the Nets before selling to Joe Tsai just after the Nets signed Durant and Irving.)

Then things took a bit of a weird turn with KD suggesting the media – and the fans – are in favor of a lockdown…

Indeed, many NBA members agree with Durant that things with the NBA are going too well to risk it all with a lockout. Revenues are rising dramatically around the world and there is the promise of a much bigger and wider media deal in 2024-25, increased gaming and crypto revenue, and even the likelihood of ‘an expansion.

Beer instantly disagreed with Durant’s advice…

Durant’s response was that the media and fans have been “the loudest” about how the ABC needs to change, presumably on the issue of players breaching their contracts…

And that’s basically where it ended. No resolution, but the bottom line for Durant understands his situation could have broader implications in the context of players versus owners, but he doesn’t view it as a major irritant in future CBA discussions. A clue that he would hold? No. A smart businessman, he understands that you don’t play all your cards at the start of the game.