“Our cycle has only just begun”


AC Milan head coach Stefano Pioli believes the “cycle has just begun” for his players following their Scudetto victory last season, with the team now “more prepared”.

Milan certainly upended the apple basket a bit last season by ending their 11-year drought at the Scudetto when few fans and pundits believed they had the quality or squad depth to finish in the above their city rivals, Inter.


In the end, a run of six wins to end the season – and also a run of nine clean sheets in the last 11 league games – was enough to take advantage of Inter’s slide, take top spot and go there. to hang up. A 3-0 away win against Sassuolo on the final day of the season was the perfect end to a memorable campaign.

Pioli gave an extensive interview to DAZN during which he spoke on a number of topics including the Scudetto winning campaign, the summer he’s had and the season ahead, with his comments carried by MilanNews.

On his summer: “It was a great summer with my family and friends. I saw a lot of guys in Milanese jerseys asking me for a photo. Everything was really beautiful and exciting. This enthusiasm made me happy, we involved all the Rossoneri who needed to live a moment like this.

On Milanello: “It’s a fantastic environment, it’s ideal for working because there’s everything. And it is also a beautiful place to see.

In the new season: “It’s unique and special. We will play many matches between now and November. It will be an intense season, we will have to prepare well. The first three months will have a big impact on the rest of the season. We have to do our best. »

At the decisive moment: “I would say the return derby. We were able to overturn the deficit and that was important not only for the table, but also because it gave us a big injection of confidence. From then on, we had a very high level second half of the season.

On the team : “We have to expect the best from everyone, myself included. You play on Sunday like you train during the week and you have to train during the week to know how you want to play on Sunday. We have very clear game principles, our game is very intensity-based. Intensity, rhythm, quality and talent should never be lacking at any time during training. I don’t think we were the best, but we were the best in the season finale. We deserved the Scudetto.

On how he feels right now: “I feel good. I have great enthusiasm. I love what I do and I love doing it especially here. I’ve always said that when I entered Milanello I immediately felt something something special. I know that when I am well, I can do whatever I can do.

On the fan song (Pioli is on fire): “It’s beautiful. It’s very exciting. It gives me great pleasure. I always found it difficult to contain myself when I heard this chorus, I only let myself go in the last game at San Siro It was only right to celebrate with them too if we were still missing the last step.

On Milan’s situation at the moment: “It is obvious that the credibility around the team has changed. Despite our positive results, no one believed in us. I often told my boys that. Many gave others as favorites for the Scudetto and they said of us that we lacked experience or were cynical in certain matches.

“A trainer must be able to give certain stimuli. Success can change people, but it didn’t happen to us. On the contrary, we understood how important it is to prepare well, how difficult it is to win and what is the point of staying on top. I see the boys even more ready and better prepared. I am convinced that our cycle has only just begun.

On his mother: “She keeps everything inside, but she’s proud and happy with this Scudetto. It has been an engaging year for everyone. I don’t think she’ll come to the San Siro, she’s a person who can’t watch the last minutes of home games.