Common techniques used in home workouts

There are many opportunities to use technology to improve at-home workouts. In addition to using your smartphone or tablet as a music player, technology has a lot to offer when you work out at home. From fitness apps and online software that offer exercise routines and tracking tools to physical devices that guide you through … Read more

The trainer said the 5 Best Arm Workouts at Home for Flabby Triceps – Eating This Isn’t

Strengthening your triceps can help you tackle everyday tasks that require upper-body strength, keep your arms feeling youthful, and of course, make you look like you could beat an arm-wrestling competition. While you may not necessarily be interested in the latter, you may still want to convert your triceps. To help you out, we’ve rounded … Read more

The best easy bodyweight exercises to lose weight without signing up for an expensive gym membership

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2022 SELF Home Fitness Awards: The 46 Best Home Gym Items for All Budgets, Spaces, and Types of Workouts

The Te-Rich Fabric Workout Bands Set is a mini band set—meaning, they’re small loops (instead of straps with open ends) that you can slide around your thighs, calves, or ankles, or use on your arms for a variety of exercises. The lighter resistance is great for recovery and rehabilitation (think: clam shells to strengthen your … Read more

Best home pilates workout for beginners

Could Pilates be the secret ingredient your fitness plan is missing? This form of full body exercise is easy on the joints while promoting balance, alignment, posture, strength and flexibility. (No wonder celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Naomi Campbell swear by it.) The best part: It’s inexpensive. There are tons of free online classes that … Read more