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Dave Wolfe and his daughter Jordan at Fit4Life on King Street (photo attached)

Dave Wolf has a winning formula.

It’s all about enriching people’s quality of life, says the never-before-seen Bermuda League soccer player who has benefited from a lifelong journey of health, exercise and wellness.

Fit4Life is led by Dave Wolf, who proclaims: “Exercise and nutrition are vital to sustainable living and longevity.”

On an island of just 21 square miles, not many Bermudians seem to get enough exercise, so in 2017 he opened a small gym on King Street, just off the corner of Front Street.

But those pursuing health goals know that diet is an important part of the equation. However, many rely on outside help. The takeaway business is booming in Bermuda.

In 2019, Mr. Wolf opened a gym side business, and Stay Ready Meals, which offers health food prepared for his customers.

Slowly, he turned his hobby into a sustainable business.

Dave Wolfe and his daughter Jordan, from Fit4Life on King Street (photo attached)

“We saw the need to provide a service. We had a ready customer base. We just needed to capitalize on it. Preparing meals – healthy meals – like fast food, it was a natural.

“When we started, there was no one else we could find who was providing this service. There was definitely a need. Since then others have started.

But I think there is still room for others to get involved. This provides healthy, delicious and convenient meals.

Our meals are prepared fresh on Mondays and Wednesdays and can be picked up directly or delivered to your office, home or anywhere on the island.

“We have set meals. We can’t completely reconfigure them, but we do allow some customization. Some people want vegetarian dishes and others may want more protein.”

The group of proteins includes salmon, steak, snapper and chicken breast.

The pandemic has slowed the growth of Get Ready meals, but Mr. Wolf was sure he was on the right track. With the island now trying to weather the pandemic, he’s upping the ante, with meal deliveries island-wide.

“Things are back to normal,” he said. “People are back in the gyms and back in their offices, so we’re ready to do more than we did during the months of the pandemic, and yes, things are getting better.”

“We also provide meals for other gyms, and we promote them at places around the island that have clients who want to be able to work out, and have some food when they leave.”

The meals contain no gluten, dairy, sauces, or cheese, but are seasoned with herbs and spices. Macros are listed in each container.

His daughter Jordan joins him in the field as do six staff members, including the chefs.

Mr. Wolf is known for playing football at PHC, starting with the bantam and junior ranks. Then for two years he was with North Village. After that, he was Captain Robin Hood for many years.

When he stopped playing football, his only focus was to age well. He hit the weight room and got really into fitness,

He said: “I stopped playing football when I was 40. I’m 51 now, but maybe younger and fitter from my playing days.

“I was trying to tell people that in order to do what you need to do, you have to combine both sides—training well and eating well.”

His company’s work is extensive. The two companies work with Argus Group, CG Insurance, Amlin, Aspen and Arch Insurance.

“We continue to build healthy partnerships at the corporate level, providing valuable services to its employees, including lunches, learning, seminars and training programmes. They also buy my meals.”

Dave Wolfe and his daughter Jordan at Fit4Life on King Street (photo attached)

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