Take on Spa in new F1 Manager 2022 gameplay, available August 25


Do you think you have what it takes to be Team Principal of an F1 team? As we approach launch day, we thought we’d share a few more details about F1 Manager 2022 with PlayStation gamers, as we’re very excited to bring an officially licensed F1 management game to console for the first time.

Starting August 25, you can sit on the sofa or chair of your choice and drive every decision for the team of your choice. Choose from one of 10 current F1 teams and handle all the action off and on the track with authentic broadcast-style presentation and unparalleled depth and detail.


We’ve worked closely with F1 to ensure that every aspect of the game authentically presents its fast-paced and exhilarating world, and the Frontier team has worked hard to ensure console gamers have a smooth and immersive experience. . F1 Manager 2022 offers the same gameplay experience across all platforms, and on console the controls have been designed from the ground up to create seamless navigation between menus and racing action.

It’s race week

Entering the historic Belgian Grand Prix at the beautiful circuit of Spa-Francorchamps, you will definitely need your smarts.

Before the start of the race weekend, you will need to ensure that all the parts you are developing for this race are finalized and fitted, ready to test your new setup on the track. Make sure you make the most of the data available at your seat, including circuit data which will provide track details, timing data from previous races, likelihood of a safety car and potential weather forecasts .

Let’s talk about the weather, okay? For those of you who know Spa and those who don’t, rain is always a threat. How you as Team Principal prepare your drivers for this possibility will make or break your race weekend.

Your back-to-factory weather center will provide a weather forecast for the weekend, based on actual historical data. As you enter the race weekend itself, you will be greeted each day with a forecast for the entire session, based on the accuracy of your weather center. You will need to upgrade this facility if you want more accurate predictions!

tire time

However, knowing if/when it will rain is only part of the challenge. We made sure to simulate the real challenges teams face when the weather changes, including how rain affects the circuit. F1 car tires tend to deposit a small amount of their rubber on the track as they go around the laps, which in turn provides more grip as that rubber settles on the surface of the circuit. If it were to rain in the middle of a session, the rain will eventually wash this rubber away, causing a loss of grip.

In addition to the usual soft, medium, and hard tire compounds used in normal conditions, your team also has an allocation of intermediate and wet tire compounds. For wet and very wet conditions respectively. It’s up to you when these tires are used. Are you going to bet the middlemen will suffice and hope the rain subsides? Or commit to using solid wet tires and hope it’s the right decision?

Often in F1 it’s tire strategy that can alter the course of a race and that’s no different in F1 Manager 2022. Get it right and you’ll be on the podium in no time, do one mistake and you could flounder to the back of the grid as your competitors drift away in a cloud of water vapor.

Changes in weather and track conditions are just two of the many difficulties you’ll face, and we’re really excited to see how PlayStation gamers handle the rest of the challenges that being a Team Manager throws at you. F1 Manager 2022.

Pre-order the digital version now on PS4 or PS5 for early access from August 25 and a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members. See you soon in the Paddock!