TaylorMade Kalea Premier women’s clubs offer more speed, forgiveness


TaylorMade’s Lighter, More Forgiving Kalea Premier Women’s Clubs

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The new Kalea Premier line of golf clubs from TaylorMade offers women golfers their most forgiving and comprehensive line of clubs yet. By combining proven technologies with purpose-built lightweight specs to create more forgiveness and speed, you can say goodbye to the obsolete. “shrink it and pink it” philosophy of creating women’s clubs.

With more people playing golf than ever before and one of the fastest growing segments being women, it’s no surprise that equipment companies are expanding their offerings to accommodate this target demographic that has been largely underserved. Although almost all equipment companies offer the ability to integrate women’s flex shafts into any club head, many of these heads are not specifically designed for the needs of a segment of the female population. golf.

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Just as male golfers aren’t human-sized when it comes to equipment, so are female golfers. The Kalea Premier line is aimed at golfers on the lower end of the speed spectrum, and TaylorMade engineers set out from the start to do everything they could to add speed and forgiveness to every club.

All clubs in the Kalea Premier line can be purchased individually (price below), but as a whole the line is also available in two full pack options with a matching bag.

Set option 1: Driver, 5-wood, 6-hybrid, 7-PW, SW for $1,599.
Set Option 2: Driver, 3-Wood, 5-Wood, 5 & 6 Hybrid, 7-PW, SW for $1899

Kalea Premier Driver

Every part of the Kalea Premier driver has been optimized

Tailor-made golf

The Kalea driver takes the proven technology of the Sim2 driver with the lightweight carbon crown and sole and removes every last piece of unnecessary mass to create a driver that is both easy to hit and easy to swing. The most notable way engineers were able to save mass to increase MOI was to remove the adjustable pipe and sleeve and replace it with a fixed pipe design.

Saving mass has allowed more weight to be placed in the inertia generator along the rear of the forged aluminum ring in a position that promotes a draw bias trajectory and high launch. The driver comes with a 12° loft and is also fitted with a 40g Kalea Premier shaft and 38g grip to complete the club. Available in right and left handed. Price: $449

Kalea Premier Fairway Woods and Hybrids

Kalea Premier Fairway Wood

Tailor-made golf

Fairway woods in the Kalea line are unique in that they offer a non-progressive head size to help keep lofted options more forgiving. Now, you’d think something called “non-progressive” might be less ideal – but it’s the exact opposite. This non-progressive design trait means the 3, 5 and 7 woods all share the same head volume for increased forgiveness.

When comparing the new Kalea Premier 7 wood to the original Kalea from 2019, the new version is 60% larger with a face that is also 37% larger. Thanks to the lightweight crown and V-Steel sole, even with the larger shape, engineers were able to keep the majority of the weight low in the head so clubs are easy to launch, especially off the fairway where they will see most of their action.

Fairway woods are available in 17° (3 wood), 20° (5 wood) and 23° (7 wood; RH only) lofts, and like the driver are fitted with a Kalea Premier 40g shaft and a handful 38 g. to keep the weight as light as possible. Price $249 each

Shallow profile makes the Kalea Premier hybrid extremely forgiving

Tailor-made golf

The Kalea Premier hybrids share all the same technologies as the fairway woods, including the carbon crown and steel v-sole design, but in a smaller package.

The only added feature of the Rescues is a raised upper profile to inspire confidence by making the face more visible. The raised top line is similar to the elongated face design of modern Adams Tight lies – which it should be noted is also a trademark under the TaylorMade umbrella. This raised topline is a very clever way to enlarge the face without increasing CoG to inspire confidence.

Kalea Premier Rescue clubs are available in 23°, 27°, 31° and 35° lofts (RH only) with a Kalea Premier 40g shaft and a Lamkin Sonar 38g grip. Price: $199 each

Kalea Premier Irons

Kalea Premier irons are powered by Taylormade’s Cap Back Design, which provides head stability as well as vibration reduction for improved sound and feel.

The low-profile shape of the irons is paired with a Speed ​​Pocket in the sole to help increase launch and ball speed on shots hit lower in the face. This is especially important for slow speed players who are shallow at impact and miss the majority of their shots lower to the head.

The irons are available in 6-PW, AW and SW in both right and left hand and come with the same Kalea Premier 40g and 38g shaft as the hybrids to preserve feel through the set to the highest corner. Priced at $599 6-PW with individual clubs priced at $119.99 per club.

The Kalea Premier irons will also be available in a separate combo set with 5 and 6 rescues paired with the 7-PW and SW irons for $999.99

Kalea Premier Spider Putter

Keale Spider Mini

Tailor-made golf

The Kalea Spider offers a whole new approach to Spider Mini design by offering an ultra-stable yet lightweight 70g graphite shaft to match the 33-inch putter. This helps lighten the overall weight by almost 50g while helping the putter maintain the same balance as if it had a full 120 gram steel shaft. For easy alignment, the Kalea Spider Mini comes with a full sight line. Price: $279

The Taylormade Kalea Premier line is available to order now and hits retail shelves October 14th.

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