The 10 greatest home exercises of all time

These 10 great home workouts will enable you to get in an effective workout and keep moving forward, even while you’re at home and need to adapt your training.


Selected and annotated by Jeff from Athlean X.


The 10 greatest home exercises

The 10 Greatest Home Workouts You Can Do To Build Muscle At Home And Hit Your Whole Body Out Here In One Comprehensive Video. Some hard choices had to be made, but what you have here are the best home workout options to hit your back, chest, legs, arms, shoulders, and even your rotator cuff. The criteria for selecting these exercises was that they were primarily bodyweight exercises that could be done without a large home gym or expensive equipment.”

We start the list with the best home exercises for the back. Here we can look nowhere else than pullups. This amazing back builder is one of the kings of all upper body movements regardless of whether you are training at home or in the gym. What’s needed is a simple entryway pull-up bar, which is a fairly inexpensive piece you’ll want to grab.”

“Because the back is so important and often undertrained when compared to the front chain muscles like the chest and shoulders, I’ve included a second exercise. This one is called the human puller. The key to performing this is not to let the abs do the work but rather the arms. This is similar in appearance to the science But it works properly if you do it right. Instead of lifting with the pelvis, consider pulling your lower body up toward the ceiling by driving your hands into the stationary anchor point.”

“Then we do chest slams and the best way to do that is with a different variation of the pushup that includes all the important adduction of the shoulder to maximize the chest contraction. Normally, with your hands flat on the floor during a pushup, you won’t be able to pull your hands close together when Your ascent to complete pushes the pectoral muscles. However, if you rotate your body, you can get more adduction at the shoulder on each rep. This can be done as an incline if you need a slightly beginner home exercise option instead.”

“Biceps crunches are easily done in a home gym with nothing more than the pull-up bar we already mentioned. Do biceps curls to build bigger biceps at home. Instead of pulling your body straight up and down, but you want to lean Slightly back and closer in place as you go up. This is basically to simulate a bar curl as you curl a barbell, except this time you’re curling your body into a stationary bar.”

“Triceps are hit with an upright dip. This can be done with a pair of chairs. Maintain a straight torso to keep your arms pulled in at your sides and increase the contraction of the long head of your triceps. When your arms are in front of you during a traditional chest dip, you won’t be able to get this Full contraction of the long head making this variation invaluable when building triceps at home.”

Legs can be effectively trained in a home workout if you are willing to invest in a resistance band. Additional resistance is something that is often needed to overload the strong muscles in the quads when access to dumbbells or wide gym equipment is not an option. Bulgarian squat with bar is a great way to train the quads, simulating about 40-50 lb dumbbells with one piece of resistance tube.”

“The glutes and hamstrings are nicely hammered with a combination of gluteal/hams and smooth floor bridge rolls. Remember to keep both the gluteals and hamstrings engaged and firing together to enable them to help each other, as they wish to perform, during both exercises.”

Finally, the shoulders can easily be overloaded with a pushup. This is a brutal upper-body builder and can fit into any workout program to build big shoulders at home. Take the set to failure and watch your shoulders grow practically before your eyes. If you can’t quite do that yet, you can always alternate the bomber press shown here as well.”


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