The best at-home workouts from Netflix Fitness and Nike Training Club


Netflix is ​​a much loved streaming service that offers tons of original content. Many people love Netflix because it’s affordable, easy to use across all devices, and completely ad-free for paying subscribers.


In addition to TV shows and movies, Netflix offers so much more, including animation, games, and a fitness program from the Nike Training Club. Read on to find out more about Netflix’s first set of workout classes.

What is Netflix Fitness?

Netflix is ​​the best video streaming service that isn’t usually mentioned in the same sentence as fitness… unless you’re watching the latest episode of Love Island while walking on your treadmill. But it might surprise you to learn that Netflix also offers a variety of fitness programs from the Nike Training Club!

Fitness programs consist of many classes (or episodes) and are available to all fitness levels. Classes range from quick 10-minute yoga sessions to 30-minute HIIT workouts. Of course, they are all available to stream and share at no additional cost with an active subscription.

Which Nike Fitness workout program is right for you, and will it be enough to get you off the couch?

What are the available Nike training training programs?

Fitness classes on Netflix are taught by select Nike master trainers like Kirsty Godso and Tara Nicolas. In addition, the categories are classified according to their length. For this reason, some categories may overlap with different programs. These are the main workout shows on Netflix that you can dive into in detail to help you decide where to start.

netflix fitness training club programs

1. Kickstart fitness with the basics

This program is perfect for beginners because no equipment is required – just get yourself some fire in the belly! There are 13 episodes that focus on using your own body weight and learning the basics of exercise and training. Most classes are only 10 minutes long, but by the end, you’ll be treated to a 30-minute HIIT pyramid.

This is the easy answer if you are wondering where to start. You’ll test a little bit of everything, from cadence to endurance training. But if you’re looking for something more specific, keep reading.

2. Two weeks to a stronger core

Moving on from the basics, this program can help you improve your core strength in 20 minutes or less. There are seven episodes available in this program, and they all focus on your core work, from an easy yoga session (it only takes five minutes!) to a HIIT ab workout. You’ll learn the basic moves to keep your core strong during any type of training.

3. Burn body weight

This exercise program is exactly what it sounds like – it’s meant to give you a full-body workout using only your own body weight. Again, all 16 classes require no equipment. Plus, they range from a basic five-minute invigorating workout to a full 30-minute training session. If you already have some experience, you can skip the early sessions.

4. Falling in love with Vinyasa

This one is a little different from the other classes as it is all about Vinyasa inspired yoga. But just because they’re low-impact yoga rings doesn’t mean they won’t help you build strength. So grab your yoga mat and join a class with teachers Jonah Kest and Branden Collinsworth. If yoga is your passion, this is the place to start.

5. Hit and force with Tara

If you love high-intensity workouts that make you sweat really hard, this is the program for you. All classes are taught by Nike coach Tara Nicholas, along with guest coaches like Alex Piccirilli. The program consists of 14 episodes with only one set exceeding 25 minutes. This is the finish, and it’s a great example of a complex workout routine that combines basic movements with dynamic exercises.

6. High intensity training

Like Tara’s fitness program, this one is sure to make you sweat and burn calories. There are 14 episodes available, and all of these seasons are on the edgier side. However, the majority of them are short and sweet.

This program is best suited for you if you exercise regularly and enjoy quick HIIT training sessions.

7. Fitness feels good

This exercise program is the only one that requires a few pieces of exercise equipment such as dumbbells, yoga blocks, and resistance band. And although there are only six classes in the program, they cover different types of exercise, such as Pilates and agility.

This might be a good program to start with if motivation is your biggest obstacle to exercising. With sessions that focus on feeling good and creating, the Feel-Good Fitness program could be just what you need to kick-start a healthy workout or energize your passion.

Other Netflix Fitness Shows

Apart from these major fitness programs, you’ll discover three more categories – 10-Minute Workouts, 20-Minute Workouts, and 30-Minute Workouts. These are great if you need to find a quick workout because you’re short on time or if your fitness level means you can only handle a short workout.

Can Netflix Fitness Help You Get Off the Couch?

The cool part about these Nike Training Club workout programs is that they’re all included with your existing Netflix membership. There are exercises that are perfect for beginners who aren’t sure what type of workouts to enjoy yet. But you’ll also find more intense sessions that you can jump into if you’re experienced.

And if you’re looking for extra motivation to work out, what could be more enticing than completing a quick workout and instantly switching to your favorite Netflix series?

Does Netflix Fitness have any drawbacks?

You might not notice them at first glance, but there are some downsides to the new fitness shows and classes available on Netflix. The first quite obvious problem is that there is little or no music during classes. The best part of each class involves having the teacher talk you through each step with some huffing and puffing.

These classes will not be suitable for people who prefer speechless exercise lessons that you can easily find for free on YouTube.

Body Weight Burn Netflix

Another drawback is that there are no countdown timers for individual workouts. Sure, there is a timer that counts down the duration of the class. However, unless you’ve been listening intently to it or watching it through the entire class, you won’t know when you need to take a break or move on to the next step.

Moreover, while the wide variety of classes is ideal for beginners, it is just inconsistent for those who know what they like. It’s inconvenient to search specifically for workout classes that you love, as Netflix forces you to browse through each program to find what you’re looking for.

Finally, there is little to no information on how to do each program other than following the videos. For example, if you’re doing a high-intensity training program, it’s hard to know how many workouts you should be doing per day.

There are 14 loops included, so should you do one loop per day for two weeks or two loops per day for one week? Unfortunately, there is no specific explanation as to where these fitness programs fall short. One thing is for sure: these fitness shows aren’t the kind of Netflix content you can binge-watch for 6 episodes straight.

Which Netflix fitness show would you try first?

Are you just getting started on your fitness journey? If so, just choose a workout program on Netflix that you might like and give it a try! Classes are nice and short and offer a variety of exercises. However, if you exercise on a regular basis and know what you love, you’d be better off sticking to your existing fitness program and using Netflix to stream movies and TV shows.

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